Things about Our Environment That Make Me Angry: Narrative Essay

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Rubbish surrounds my feet as I struggle for fresh air, the ocean waves are not as bright as they used to be. The beach was my happy place, the place where I felt free. Not anymore. The surface of the ocean is covered with garbage, the sky is gray. This is what the earth will become, thanks to us! And that makes me really angry. I'm angry that we didn't do the ‘right’ things earlier. That we humans have brought the earth to such a state with our reckless and thoughtless actions. I am also outraged that even though the consequences of our behavior are already being felt, people still continue to damage our land. We should come to our senses. There is still time, we can still make a difference, but we need to work together to save our home, not destroy it.

Scientists say that around the world about one million birds and one hundred thousand marine mammals and sea turtles die each year from being trapped in plastic or eating it, thinking it's a tasty treat. That’s bad, right? What’s also bad is that it takes about 450 years for a plastic bottle to decompose. That could be five times your life! Think about all those plastic bottles at the moment being used, chucked out, or sold right this minute. Hundreds, thousands, or even millions. Why can’t we just use reusable? But everyone wants better-tasting water, right? Maybe it’s the label on the bottle that makes you think that it’s better, or does it actually taste better in general? Well, research says that tap water is just as safe to drink and tastes the same too. But all it takes is for a drink bottle to be washed out to the ocean for a sea animal to gobble it up or get stuck in it, not knowing it could kill them.

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Bottled water businesses probably make a bit of money, but money can’t buy us a happier, healthier, and cleaner earth. Money also can’t buy the time that we need to repair the damage that we have created to earth. Research says that on average Americans spend about one hundred dollars per person each year. I don’t see why people can’t just buy a reusable bottle that you fill up with tap water. It only costs fifteen to thirty dollars and lasts for several years.

Global warming is another one of the many problems that we need to act on. Global warming is affecting our oceans, weather, food, and health. Our sea levels are rising, but is anyone doing anything major about it? Many countries in the world have acknowledged the need to act on global warming. Some countries have taken action, like Paris in 2015, pledging to reduce greenhouse gas pollution.

It makes me angry to think about how many politicians could be doing something when they’re not. This is our future, our world we’re wrecking, our home that’s falling apart in our hands. But some people don’t even care. And that angers the most. Will there be a future? Will there be a healthy place where we can live? Some people say it’ll be fine, but to face the truth it won’t if we don’t do anything about it.

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