Time Management Skills as a Leader Essay

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Time is a basic asset with less and more dynamic. In old times, time was considered as a sequential time and was accessible as a resource for economic usage. Time cannot be manageable similarly as other resources, such as human, physical, and information are managed, it is a critical resource that must be used as we receive it (Sutharshini Thevanes, and Arulrajah,2019). The Industrial Revolution was when the time management concept got started and became very efficient eventually by making or doing things efficiently and effectively. Time management is much needed in one’s life to be successful.

As per the business situations, most of the organizations neglected to take time as a serious factor. Successful business people will know the value of time management which key factor in their success is. Without any time management skills, most organizations would go in the wrong direction on completing their projects completion. To achieve successful project completion every organization and individual should consider time management as a key factor for their success (Sutharshini Thevanes and Arulrajah,2019).

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Nowadays managing all projects within the time, budget, and execution is quite difficult. The environment in undertaking a project is extremely violent and is made out of many meetings, reports continuous planning and re-planning, and communicating frequently with the clients.

Here, the successful project manager is a supervisor, not a practitioner, but in the current world, project managers frequently compromise their own time by doing both. For project management disciplined way of time management is one of the major resources.

If the project manager is not controlling or adjusting his own time can also not be able to control the thing on the project (Kerzner, H. R.). As per Kerzner, H. R., there are many time robbers associated with the project management environment, some of them are –

    • Incompletion of work
    • New changes without any intimation or direction
    • Lack of information, job description, and technical knowledge
    • Communication gap
    • Re-planning and reworking
    • Lack of work monitoring

Not only the above-mentioned things, there are many more likewise. In order to overcome some of these things, project managers and engineers have to use basic forms of time management. The first thing they have to do is, they need to prepare a form called “to do” which the project managers prepare to list things like what activities need to be done and what activities to date, what is the priority, what actual work got started, and what is in process and what completed till now (Kerzner, H. R.).

Based on this, the project manager will now make a decision on how further action is needed. If he finds more work to be done than time slots, the project manager should schedule well in advance. This is not a best practice, every project should be well organized beforehand, if anything happens later then the project manager should follow this form in order to keep tracking the progress. Based on this we have to analyze that, do not postpone the work you are doing until later, do it as soon as possible that you can do. This is where time management comes into the picture (Kerzner, H. R.).

How Managers Perceive Real-Time Management:

Most of the managers don't recognize clock time from real-time instead they use clock time as a source of perspective to indicate two specific versions of real-time. The managers characterized continuous as either the span of time in times of seconds, minutes, hours, or days. In real-time there are two different methods of managing time, they are Utility and Sense time which leads to fast or flow. Utility Time portrays time as straight and controllable. Externally utility time is an estimated form of clock time to be utilized deliberately as a resource. Utility time sticks to clock time whereas sense time escapes it (Rydén, and El Sawy, 2019).

Utility time - Since various managers portray real-time as a financial and vital asset for an organization to use, that is called Utility Time. People who see time as a financial asset or a fiscal resource use expressions for example, 'time is money' or 'don't waste my time.' (Rydén, and El Sawy, 2019). During the survey, 13% of managers said that real-time emphasizes the current situation rather than the future, 23% it is related to the past, and 12% defined it as less than the period of a minute (Rydén, and El Sawy, 2019).

Most of managers sense that real-time is associated with as fast as possible, whereas real-time uses logical and good reasoning which refers to other physical measures. Functionality of utility time is defined to control this real-time considering the speed and reducing the latency. Managers who think that this real-time is under control and manageable can increase the speed of their work to save more time assuming that it saves some money as well. Nowadays value of the real-time is a more considerable asset so that managers can bring more discipline to their work environment in their limited time and budget (Rydén, and El Sawy, 2019).

Sense time – Some managers think that real-time is each individual person’s private time which is called sense time. Since time is defined as a feeling or experience emotionally. Here, real-time means when you sense the moment is alive. To understand this real-time in the present state one must have an understanding of this or should experience this personally. In this sense time, time should not be measured as an external time, as said earlier this should be experienced by each individual in order to follow the flow. The value of real-time is to be more effective and creative, if any individual undergoes too much stress then they cannot achieve their goal or cannot concentrate on their creative thoughts. Because this sense of time is a personal time for each individual, they have to create some space for the present situations and flow smoothly with their state of mind (Rydén, and El Sawy, 2019).

Differentiated time management skills between leadership styles: There are two different time management skills that we have to take into consideration, one is Internal time management and other one is External time management. Internal time management mainly focuses on selecting good tasks that are required to achieve their larger vision of the goal, whereas External time management focus on organizing regular task in a proper manner (Sarfraz, 2017).

Most of the Internal time management is by a protagonist who is a charismatic, ethical leader who needs these types of skills and also, they mostly lead their other followers to create some useful changes by themselves. Leaders who use this internal time management should focus on setting goals and regular time management skills. In this type, setting a goal is very important in order to have a better bigger version and make sure each of them has set their small goals in achieving their big vision (Sarfraz, 2017).

As said earlier most of the external time management will mainly focus on regular activities and their responsibilities. In this management, there are transactional, strategic, and participative leaders who focus on efficient decision-making, continuous learning, and also focus on the works space activities (Sarfraz, 2017).

According to Haniya Sarfraz, (Sarfraz, 2017) below are some mind tools for time management

    • a) Scheduling – best planning to use your time and also schedule some time for important activities for the day
    • b) Smart work to enhance the productivity of the project, and also avoid common mistakes.
    • c) Check how productive you are, and make sure your prioritization is creating the best use of time and resources.
    • d) Challenges in time management, focus on controlling your time.
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