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Universal Healthcare: Persuasive Speech

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Our life becomes easier with advanced technology, especially in healthcare. Good healthcare not only help us prevent sickness but also gives us access to medicine right away if we, unfortunately, catch a cold or something even more serious. Indeed, without it, we wouldn’t have been able to do anything because we won’t have good health to produce. The United States has been the only industrialized nation that doesn’t guarantee its citizens universal access to healthcare, despite having high taxes per capita. In addition, the United States also spends more per person on healthcare than other nations that offer universal healthcare. In this case, the three people: Dana, Fanny, and Dennis can access healthcare, but that’s only temporary until they out of the dangerous state. After that, a huge debt from the hospital is under their name. Many of us don’t have a good income to cover our health insurance. Therefore, it’s crucial to provide citizens with affordable healthcare. From a Utilitarian perspective, I think it’s morally right for the United States to establish truly universal healthcare. Not only may it increase the GDP of the country, but it may also provide a better life expectancy.

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From a utilitarian point of view, universal healthcare would seem able to add a great deal of utility to any society. Improving people’s health would support more productive work and thus improve the economy for all. People would be happier when they feel better. This can help children study more efficiently and the adult can help to develop the economy. As we can see, healthcare, economic, and educational inequities feed each other in a perpetual circle. So, why don’t we improve the most important one so it can help to elevate the rest? In addition, to good health and a good life expectancy. People would be happier when they view taxes as a duty of a citizen because they’re satisfied. Based on the act utilitarianism definition, the right action in a situation action is the one that will produce the greatest overall utility. In this case, universal healthcare would promote more happiness overall. Which is the morally right choice

On the other hand, the cost of a universal healthcare system is much higher than the cost of ensuring all citizens have a fair share of food, shelter, and education. Heavy taxes for people who have better income will help all the citizens to have equal access to healthcare might be one of the solutions. This will put on a burden on the citizens, especially the people who have a better life. Moreover, the healthcare system cannot meet all the demands because the resources are limited. But ensuring people’s health is a task that will not necessarily need healthcare if they have better education about how to have a healthy and balanced diet. As we can see, developed countries always have better health because they all have a good education and know-how to live a healthy life, which is better the developing country. When you have good health, you won't need healthcare as much, all the resources will be available for the one who truly needs it.

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