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US Involvement in Main Historical Events

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Have you ever thought of how life would be like today without World War II and other world events, would you be here today? The U.S has been through many national events including World War II , Imperialism, and the Industrial Revolution, changing the U.S. forever and showing how the U.S. handled these situations leading into our future today. Throughout history, the United States has quickly adapted to change by how they handled imperialism, industrialization, World War II.

Any of the changes that America saw were more and more people immigrating to the United States because it was a way to spread their values and live a new life full of many more possibilities. Another reason more people immigrated to the U.S. is that if they were trapped in a hole coming to the U.S. to start from fresh again, maybe they needed an escape from their nations. During this time of the Industrial Revolution, some political policies were developed, such as the 1832 Reform Bill and the Factory of 1833. This impacted the nation because almost ¾ of most large cities and industries’ workforce was made of immigrants. This being said, the demand for items goes up industrializing most thighs such as enterprises. Natural Resources were one of the main reasons Britain had a huge supply of coal and iron which were two of the most important raw materials used at the time of the Industrial Revolution to manufacture goods. The lasting effects we see today are how most companies and enterprises are made up of immigrants and without them, our workforce would drop significantly. What I also know is that immigrants over the years have brought lots of talent and innovation into our country. What the U.S. could have done differently is maybe educated the not as educated immigrants putting the higher up on the scale to work in higher-skilled jobs instead of leaving the lower jobs such as agriculture, construction. All in all, the United States during this time of Industrialization was quick to change and expand by opening up new jobs for incoming immigrants and growing our economy. During this time of the Industrial Revolution, lots of resources were brought in because of the U.S. expanding during the time of Imperialism.

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The need for military power, the need for new markets, and confidence in cultural supremacy were the things that contributed to the Age of Imperialism. Some of the changes saw at this time changed from a geographic standpoint from taking land and also lots of wars to come. Some of the Political Policies that were developed during this time were Spanish- American War of 1898 which was a battle that took place when the colonies were expanding during this time of Imperialism. One of the impacts of Imperialism is the fact that the more land we took the higher and more expensive the prices got to keep control of the land. The same thing happened to the British when they owned the U.S. colonies. Some changes we saw were the victory of the Spanish- American War which gave us control of countries such as Guam, Puerto Rico, and the Philippines. The annexation of Hawaii in 1898, declared that the United States gained ownership and control of all ports, buildings, military equipment, and public property or owned by the Government of the Hawaiian Islands, was one of the main effects that impacted our country. One thing the government should have done better is to deal with any situation with multiple countries, like Spain, better and not have to lead to war and problems. Imperialism would now go on for 80 years causing lots of problems with other countries because of how a certain country did not like to agree to the policies or did not like the idea of another country taking over them. This overall led to many countries not liking other countries causing World War II.

The changes we saw from World War I and World War II were Germany was a huge threat and bigger power than before and During World War II. Germany had already taken over most of the smaller countries so they did not get sandwiched. During this time there was a series of battles occurring in the pacific called the Pacific Theater. The Pacific Theater was caused by the attack on pearl harbor sending America into shock and putting us into the war. The Pacific Theater was important overall because it was a victory for the United States, but because of many innocent people and captives killed and captured, it was quite harsh. Some political policy that was made turning this time was the Alien Registration Act which controlled immigrants from flooding into our country because of what was going on in Europe because from World War I people and America had a bias to Europeans and had some racial discrimination there. Another political policy that was put into place was the Non-Aggression pact between Russia and Germany so Germany did not get sandwiched by both countries during World War II, later on, Germany broke this pact. Some lasting effects today we see from World War II are in Europe how many countries lost land who have fought against Hitler and peace treaties that were made turning time that still exists today. Also after the war, Germany and its capital Berlin were divided into four parts. The U.S in both world wars were quick to change and to act because of the Neutrality Acts that were put into place but after numerous attacks on allied countries and the desperate need for America’s help they were quick to do something out of it. Another reason why America was quick to change is that they were in fear of another Great Depression and economic collapse again just like what happened after World War I. World War II has changed our country dramatically because of how the United States was quick to change during global events, overall leading to how everything would play out.

All in all, the United States during the Age of Imperialism, the Industrial Revolution, and World War II has developed lots of political policies and has been quick to change. Overall lots of immigrants and people coming into the U.S. at the time gained lots of new jobs and got to live a new life full of freedom because of how the U.S. was quick to change during these eras. Throughout history, the United States has quickly adapted to change because of how they handled Imperialism, Industrialization, World War II.

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