Values and Morals are the Defining Forces of Humanity

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Morality, in its broadest term is the line that bifurcates our every action and behaviour in to what is right and what is wrong. As a society, we have been blessed with the values passed to us from our previous generations, but in my view, moral values are an interplay of nature and nurture. Nature contributes to the predispositions which decide our ethics and nurture plays the role of experiences that shape up those ethics.

As children, we were exposed to fairy tales and mythologies, while these are the sweet memories most of us share from our childhood, they also help us in developing our moral compass. I still remember the famous story of “The Shepherd Boy and the Wolf”. This story made me understand that lying makes people lose their trust in you.

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Not only this, our family members also have an integral role to play in our ethical development. Since our formative years, we are taught to behave in a certain manner with guests, peers and people younger and elder to us. It is with such learnings, that today we are perceived to be culturally with utmost positive regard.

But somehow, as times are changing, there seem to be dents in the bedrock of our values and thus giving rise to social problems. Today, coming from a rich lineage of culture and righteousness, our identity is changing to a society having issues such as juvenile delinquency, communal violence, youth agitations, unequal rights, alcoholism, drug addiction and crimes against women.

A social problem is identified as a value judgement, a feeling that a condition is detrimental and requires change. As a student, I have witnessed that causes of social problems stem due to social disorganization, wherein a democracy such as ours, loses it control over civilization, thus creating a lack of social control. Other than this, a conflict in values tend to arise from different social groups representing different set of values.

In order to reinstate a sense of confidence in our morals, it is imperative to bring about a social change. It is important for every person to have a feeling that the problem will be corrected, determination to correct the situation, confidence in the people of our nation, and the use of technological and rational skill for correcting the situation. According to me, integrating the subject of Morals and Values in schools will aide in attacking this issue at a grass root level. Other than this, promoting activity by Non Profit Organizations will also bring about a change at a national level.

Thus, in the end, I would like to conclude by stating that values and morals, make us stand apart from other species. It is the core of humanity and one should never lose them.

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