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Way and Time Youths Spend on Social Networking Sites: Analytical Essay

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The questionnaire was used to carry out the analysis on this chapter as it helped in finding out the importance of social networking site, the time spent on social networking site, the basis for social network and eLearning, the uses of social networking sites, interacting with friends on social networking site, time consumption of social networking sites, the privacy policies, the social networking site versus social lives, the uses of social networking site on different gadget (case study of mobile phones) and the using of social networking sites at a wrong time. Conclusions were driven out of this after the proper analysis using graph analysis.

The main purposes of this study are listed below

  • To establish the way and time youths spend on social networking sites

Analyse the fulfilments and effects of learning derived from social media. opportunity given to all the participants and the completed form were recovered only from those that did so out of their free was discovered that some few of them left a note on the questionnaire explaining more on why the cannot do without the social networking sites

  • While carrying out this thesis, it was discovered that

This is done when the sampling circle is decided on. It is categorized as the users of all social networking sites within a specified location. The respondents were chosen based on random selections with equal. Most of the social networking sites allow only those who are 18+ which is presumed to be an adult to be able to have access to all happenings on the site. Some sites also give access to youth of below 18 but with parental control which limits what they can access. However, it was discovered that 98% of those that completed the questionnaire have full access to all the social networking sites they use which shows that they have either given a wrong date of birth while opening the account or it was opened for them by their parents of guidance. Having said this, a social networking site such as snapchat allows for anyone from age13 and that is why it was discovered that majority of the youths are on snap chat while some of them don’t even have any other social media account. Part of the question on the questionnaire is DOB hence why the above was able to be established

Data collection

A well-structured questionnaire was distributed to do primary research having gathered data with the use of secondary collations by gathering them together and all responses were collated. All responses assembled were without any doubt which also helped in ensuring the analysis of all data collected was done without any delay.

Findings and discussion

To discover the impact of social networking sites on the youths, questionnaire were distributed to youths in the different secondary schools and we were able to arrive at the results shown below.

Gender percentage

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  • Male 50%
  • Female 50%

Table 4. 1 Gender and the percentage of participation in the project

Youth have access to internet in almost everywhere they go and most which if free. They have access to the internet at home always. The traditional ways of studying for the youths is getting instructions from the classroom while in school and most information are passed to then through the use of the chalkboard.

The Use of Social Networks

From the research conducted, it was discovered that all the respondents have one or two social networking sites from different social networking platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Snapchat and Instagram. Snapchat was used as much as Instagram and WhatsApp. The main one which is the top of it all is the snapchat while Instagram and WhatsApp were at the bottom list.

Time spend on Social Networking Sites

The students responded that they spend different time/hours on social networking sites. While some say they spend like 2-3 hours in a day on social media platforms, some said they spend 3-4 hours in a day and some spend more than 2 hours. The research also shows that no one amongst the respondents spends 0 hours on the social networking sites in a day. However, Those that spend more than 2 hours top the list.

Uses of Social Networking Sites

On the purpose why youths use social media, they gave a diverse opinion as to why they use it. 60% says they use it for downloading music, pictures, and videos, 52% use it to upload pictures while 55% is using it for chatting basically. Some said they only go there to read information and be acquainted with what’s trending. Some said they have never posted anything on any social media since they opened it because they only need it to read news and information.

Privacy policies on Social Networking sites

Some of the respondents says that the privacy policy is and cannot be effective on any social networking sites thereby social networking sites if possible should be exempted from the policy and probably another law guiding the social medial can be formulated.


Cyber security is still lacking globally. Based on this, All professional software Developers can come together, brainstorm, and work on what can be done on how parents, guidance, and teachers can monitor what the youths do on social networking sites. This should be a prerequisite for opening or continuing to operate a social media handle. This can be done in such that parent can view or have access to all the youths social media account. All network providers are also needed on this either the sim card provider or broadband provider. Even mobile phones manufacturers. Although, individual freedom shouldn’t be taken away from them from a strict conditions needed to be put in place to check all excesses of the youth on social networking sites. This is to prevent them from all cyber-attack and cyber bully or harassment.

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