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What Does Your Hobby Say About Your Personality?

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Table of contents

  1. Analysts
  2. Diplomats
  3. Sentinels
  4. Explores

What is your hobby? is a general and a very common question that anyone would ask. Even when you are facing an interview the interviewer will ask this question. Even this question will come up in your first date. It is not just merely a question. Your hobby can say many things about you. In a way it describes your personality. And this is why this question is being raised in interviews in order to check your personality and whether it suits for the job position that you have applied.

We all have different personalities. Your friend can be different from you but he can be the first person that you will seek when you want to talk about something that you are been worried for hours. He can be very shy but a great listener. These qualities are based on his personality. The researchers have identified 16 different personalities.

These sixteen personalities are clustered into four groups as analysts, diplomats, sentinels and explorers. The group and your personality are based on some simple characteristics. These characteristics are as follows,

  • Introversive Vs. Extroversive – this is how you connect with the society. If you are very much enthusiastic to hang out with a bunch of people then you are extroversive. And if you prefer to hide in your comfy room with a novel of your favorite author then you are more into introverts.
  • Sensing Vs. Intuitive – Are you a person who goes with the gut feeling? Then you are an intuitive character. But if you want facts and figures to come up with a conclusion then you are a sensible person.
  • Thinking Vs. Feeling – If you put the thought of how this will impact on people then you are a person with the feeling trait. But if you make the decision based on logics and rationales then you are enriched with the thinking trait.
  • Judgment Vs. perception – Are you a person who goes with the flow? Or do you want a plan for your entire future? If you want a planned future then you are judgment person and if you expect to face life with surprises then you are a perceptive person.

Studies have found that they can read a person’s personality based on his or her hobby. Here are some general findings.

As I have mentioned earlier, the personality types are grouped into four categories. Some of the general characteristics are as follows,


Architect (INTJ), Logician (INTP), Commander (ENTJ) and Debater (ENTP) are the personality type that comes under this category. The common traits among these types are Intuitive and thinking.

If you see a person who is very shy type then probably he can be an architect. Even though they are introversive they are full of imagination. Also these types of people are very private. Even though they are inquisitive they can concentrate very well on things. They prefer board games such as chess, or even writing articles or blogs. They even can write spy novels and become famous.

Logicians are more into thinking and making rational decisions. They have a great ability to read and understand people very well. Furthermore they have creative hands. Such people prefer hobbies such as solving puzzles, and making hand crafts or even painting or pottery.

Commanders are very extroversive people who have an outgoing personality. They are also the type that never quit. They can turn new constraint or a challenge into a carnival. They love when things challenge them. This type of a person will definitely prefer video games or sports as their hobbies.

The last type in analysts is debaters who are full of energy. They have the eager to go find new things. This type of people can change the world. They are good at digging information and even arguing about ideas and theories. Such a personality can be identified from hobbies such as geocaching, travelling even vlogging.


The fundamental traits of this group are intuitive and feeling. The types that come under this cluster are advocates (INFJ), mediator (INFP), protagonist (ENFJ) and campaigner (ENFP).

If you see a character that never gets tired of coming up with new creative ideas then he can be an advocate for sure. These type of people are very rare and has a very big heart. They always want to help other people and will be remembered even when they leave the world. The common hobbies that can be seen among INFJs are oil painting, hiking, making handmade cards for special occasions such as birthdays and even archery.

Mediators are the people who are very innocent and helpful personalities. They are people with principles. They are also great listeners. They are committed hard workers. This type of people chooses hobbies such as gardening, composing music even having an aquarium.

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Most of the world famous leaders are protagonists. They are born with leadership skills and have the ability to guide others to develop their skills. They are also the people with a strong believe system. Sometimes they can be typical and traditional as well. They tend to do iron work, martial arts and even paintball as their hobbies.

Have you ever met a person who can turn a boring party into a fiesta? These type of people are known as campaigners. They are independent, creative free spirited personalities. Common hobbies among ENFPs are, journaling, playing musical instruments, sailing or going on boat rides and doing social services.


Personalities with sensing and judgment traits are known as Sentinels. Logistician (ISTJ), Defender (ISFJ), Executive (ESTJ) and consul (ESFJ) are the types that come under sentinels.

Nearly 13% of the population is logisticians. They are very responsible and kind of rigid characters. When it comes to responsibilities and duties these type of people can be named as the masters. Also they can lose their temper very easily if a person does not take the deadlines seriously. Sometimes they can be very tough and arrogantly needs to maintain the stability and efficiency in life. Collecting coins, bit coin mining, playing poker are some of the common hobbies among ISTJs.

If a person who agrees with almost everything you say he or she has a defender personality. Most of the time their decisions are made based on facts. When they bond with a person they bond with them intimately and deeply. People who have a ISFJ personality type prefer crocheting, camping, making puzzle and even making origami arts as their hobbies.

People with an executive personality are the greatest advisers. They hate when people dishonor or act lazy. They strongly believe that working according to the rules help the society to become a better place. They play the role of a loyal member when it comes to team work. Some hobbies that will be chosen by ESTJs are long driving, selling in online websites, making balloon arts.

Consuls are the type that steals the spotlights. The people who you can talk about the latest trending dresses for hours but not about science or politics. Mostly this is the personality that can be seen in cheerleaders. If there is a party or a social gathering then these people are the ones who will never miss it for the world. Hobbies such as pottery, doing yoga, exploring hidden cities are some hobbies that signify the ESFJs characteristics.


Sensing and perceptiveness are the major two traits that can be seen among explores. The personality types that come under this group is Virtuoso (ISTP), Adventurer (ISFP), Entrepreneur (ESTP) and Entertainer (ESFP)

Virtuoso or the ISTP personality type is the type that can be seen in inventors. They prefer to find new things by touching and seeing from their own eyes. They are risk lovers. They enjoy the current moments. They prefer hobbies such as board games such as dominos, surfing through volcanoes, making soap art and even playing with drones.

Adventurer is another personality type that has a perceptive mind. They are the souls that are enriched with artistic mindset. They are very charming and always on the go to explore new things. Arranging dance parties, quilting and playing tennis are some of the hobbies that reveal an ISFP’s personality.

Entrepreneur or ESTP personality type is the ones who are attention seekers. They will walk from group to group introducing themselves in a party or in a large gathering. A person with this personality type is not afraid of taking risks in their lives. They choose hobbies such as horseback riding, beat-boxing and even beekeeping.

The last personality type that comes under explorer is entertainers. They are the people who are with high energy and have the best taste in life. They are very emotional characters and have a great eye when it comes to fashion. They want their lives to be cherished with excitement and passion. Hobbies such as skating, cycling, exploring canyons are some activities that demonstrate an entertainer’s personality.

Hobbies are not the only thing that relies on your personality. Even your friend zone, your love life is based on who you are and what your traits are… I know now you are curious to know what your personality type is… Take a test and know you better

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