What Is the Importance of Reading Books: Critical Essay

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Books are the sources of knowledge. As libraries are knowledge houses. Reading daily is one of the best habits one can possess. It develops your imagination and provides you with a fortune of knowledge. It is rightly quoted that “Books are your best companions”. Books give you a whole new experience. It is important to read a good book at least for a few minutes each day to stretch the brain muscles for healthy functioning. Reading books develop vivid imagination, knowledge, and vocabulary.

The most important reason for reading is that we gain knowledge. Books are a rich source of information and knowledge. The more knowledge you possess the more wisely you handle various situations in life. Because through this we can learn from other experiences and can improve the things or decision-making in our life. Reading books means a good use of time. It is a perfect way to stay occupied and at the same time learn something and gain knowledge. It is the best to relieve your stress and enhance your mood.

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Reading books improves your communication skills. It helps you to express thoughts in a speech that required lots of words in the vocabulary. Not only does it improves your communication but also makes you a better writer. Communication skills are a basic need for us to move in society. And it’s a main role that books play in our life. Good communication results in good dealings with people, and it results in a beneficial lifestyle. Reading is vital for the development of the brain as well as it boosts your thinking and understanding. It makes you eligible to think differently. It enhances your critical thinking and analytical skills. It makes you different from others. There is a special personality difference between readers and non-readers.

“Books are a uniquely portable magic”, as Stephen King noted. Reading takes you to the world of imagination and enhances your creativity. Reading helps you explore life from different perspectives. It makes you think creatively. Books share their ideas and secrets with you. The same book and the same lesson reveal something new to different people. Because people can get things according to their thoughts and aptitudes. Knowledge is required for living good and ethical life. Knowledge is required to know about something. We can get knowledge from different sources, but books are the best sources. Books are around us for seven centuries.

Reading books make a powerful and deep impact on our lives and our personalities. They have the ability to uplift our moods. There are different genres of books. Every day, thousands of books come to market. There is a large variety of books. You can pick any book of your interest. The most beautiful thing is the reading experience from which we pass and which relieves us from our many present stresses. We have travel books, history books, technology books, motivational books, etc. Travel books tell us about the experience of travelers. We can visit different places in the world without moving from our place. History books take us to the old ages from this modern age. They tell us how people lived in the old times. The past and the knowledge about the past have always become a source of curiosity for human beings. We want to know the detail of the time which has passed away or about the coming future. Writer forms a picture in such a way that reader thinks that he is a part of that time.

Mark Haddon once said: “Reading is a conversation. All books talk but a good book listens as well”. Reading creates an invisible relationship between the reader and the writer. They come close to each other by just sharing their ideas. Technological books tell us about different and unique technology and equipment. There are also books related to fashion and lifestyle that can help you to know about the latest trends. Women are mostly attracted to such books. Motivational books help in personality development. They teach us and inspire us. Personality development is the basic need of every human being. It helps us to move easily in society with confidence. We get good knowledge about personality development from motivational books. Fictional books are the most interesting type of books. They are based on the writer’s imagination, and the reader understands it in his own way. We all want to live a life of fantasy. We all are somehow fad up by our routines and our lives. We all want to live in our dreams. We all want to live a life of superheroes somehow. But we cannot do it in real life. We cannot live that life, but fantasy books give us a chance to live that life for a few moments or for a short time span. We forget our worries and we enjoy that fantasy life. We imagine ourselves as a part of that scenery that has been created by the writer.

Reading books makes us wiser. It enhances our talents. We should learn from others' experiences and books make it possible for us to know the different lives people live and the different situations they face in their lives. When we just live our own life and don’t want to know about other people, we cannot improve our life. Books tell us some very harsh stories, and in some stories, there is a happy ending. It teaches us that life not always remains the same. A person with difficult life can expect a good future. Books give us a way to hope. We can find peace of mind in them. Ground realities are part of our life, but we can live for some time in our dreams. Fantasy books make us the hero or heroine of the story and we enjoy our time. Fiction reading develops empathy and helps us to build better relations with others. You imagine yourself as a part of the story and you live the character which you want to live. It also inspires us to write. You learn the art of using language and enjoy playing with words.

Sometimes in our life, we lost our right path. We start to become part of this practical and materialistic world and forget our real norms and values. We are human beings and we want continuous guidance. Good books can be a source of our guidance. Sometimes in life, we forget the lessons we were taught by our parents in our childhood. We know what is wrong and what is right, but we forget it and become busy in our lives. Life is actually a race where even we don’t find time for ourselves. This makes us bitter and we feel that we are actually going wrong. This is the actual point in our lives when we come back to our reality and our real teachings. Reading books help us a lot in this. Time changes but books remain the same. This is the beauty of books. This is the beauty of knowledge that always remains in its place. Whenever we need it, we acquire knowledge from it.

As George R.R. Martin said, “A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies”. We have just one life to live. We cannot live more than one life, but by knowing about the life of other people, we can feel the life they live. Writers share their imaginations and some real stories with us. A person who just lives his own life and never tries to learn from the experiences of other people is living a boring life without any creativity. It doesn’t matter how successful you are in your life. You should learn from every moment of your life. You should have leisure time for yourself and reading a book at that time will be the most interesting activity. The five-hour rule was coined by Michael Simmons. The concept is simple: no matter how busy successful people are, they always spend at least an hour a day or five hours a workweek learning or practicing.

In the end, we will all become stories. Reading develops your special emotional relationship with the book you read. When you turn the last page and feel a little as if you have lost a friend. You feel sad that why this book has finished. Our society needs positivity. Negative thinking is increasing day by day. We are so busy in our life that we don’t have even time to think about ourselves. We are progressing day by day, but there is a space or wholeness that has been created in our lives and our personalities. We are losing our real values. We are living robotic life. We have everything, but we are not happy and satisfied with our lives. This is because we are much busy. This is our fault. We make our lives like this. Reading a good book can give you happiness. A fictional story with a happy ending can give you hope that your ending will also be happy. Hope is the main thing that our society needs most. Writers should write about hope.

Now books are also available on the Internet, iPads, computers, etc. But the printed book is a traditional and old method. No technology can take the place of this hard form of books. This is the century of technology and people are lost in this flourishing world. But the value of books is still high. We cannot imagine a world without books. Instead of flipping through a book to find information, most people type it into Google. Technology is making us lazy. We have all information at one click. But we get information about only the thing that we want. On the other hand, when we open the book, we learn more. We can carry books with us anywhere we go. Computers and laptops can have technical issues, but books are easy to use. These devices can be hacked or crashed. Gadgets are difficult to read in sunlight. Moreover, the use of gadgets has many drawbacks. As we know, old is gold, so books are gold for us.

Based on the above, we can say with complete confidence that reading books is extremely important for absolutely every person. We should have time to read books because it will lead to good changes in our life. Reading books should be popularized because it is very useful. Through this, we will connect to the best path of knowledge. And I want to conclude my essay by quoting J.K. Rowling, who said, “I do believe something very magical can happen when you read a book”.

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