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What Will Doom the Death Penalty: Persuasive Essay

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Nobody has control over death. The death penalty, often known as capital punishment, was imposed on a person who was deemed unfit to live by the state as a punishment for his horrific actions. Since the beginning of the Spanish era, during the Martial Law period, and during Fidel Ramos and Estrada's time in the country, the death sentence has been in place (A timeline of the death penalty in the Philippines). Because the Philippines' legal system is flawed and incompatible with Catholic teachings, the death sentence should not be enforced.

Because the Philippines' court system is flawed, the death penalty should not be adopted. The Philippines' legal system is extremely slow, and the due process of a case is ineffective in the country since it takes too long to resolve, with most cases taking years to resolve. The delays prolong criminal cases, causing them to stagnate and fail to be resolved. There are also too many flaws in the system, such as ineffective counsel representing the defendant, insufficient or missing evidence, and untrustworthy witnesses. If the capital penalty were implemented in the country, the majority of instances would result in innocent people being falsely convicted.

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Authority, money, influence, and fraud could sway the judicial system in the Philippines. Due to the rich and powerful men influencing the decision of the case, it does not even matter if the accused is truly guilty of the crime or innocent because the end result will be based on their choice. The case would then be manipulated through forged evidence, false witnesses, or forced confessions. The judge would then have to incriminate the accused man for his alleged crime. This leads innocent people to die without having the chance of parole and their freedom (Wrongful Conviction in the Philippines).

The Philippines' legal system could be swayed by power, money, persuasion, and fraud. It doesn't matter if the accused is actually guilty of the crime or innocent because the end result will be determined by their choice because of the affluent and powerful guys influencing the case judgment. Forged evidence, fraudulent witnesses, and forced confessions would then be used to manipulate the case. After then, the judge would have to convict the accused guy for his purported offense. Innocent individuals die as a result of this, with no prospect of parole or release (Wrongful Conviction in the Philippines).

The Republic Act No. 7659 states that a criminal who has been proven guilty of a heinous crime with proper due process of the law will be executed. This law will protect the defendant whether he is guilty or not to have the freedom to testify and prove his innocence. Careful deliberation is taken when determining a criminal’s case before imposing the death penalty. The decision of the Supreme Court cannot happen instantly because there are many factors to prove if the man is guilty and deserves the death penalty.

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