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Death Penalty: The Case Of Cameron Todd Willingham

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Have you ever thought about the death penalty? What it is, why it happens, what they do to deserve it, or if some of the people that are convicted and murdered were even guilty? Imagine, if you were put on trial for raping and murdering a women. You were put on death row and executed. But after you were murdered, more evidence was found that you were not guilty. Oops sorry, you’re dead.

There is no erasing that giant mistake that cause your death. But in all seriousness, death penalty is not something to be messed with. I mean 40% of people that are accused of things worthy of the penalty are actually guilty. Which means 60% of the people on the death row are not guilty. Which is why the death row needs to go. Not only that reason, but there are many more reasons. Just like it’s inhumane to murder, once your dead new evidence can be found. Imagine you being the one who is on death row. What are you feeling, what are you there for? Did you even do it? I mean really think about it. What are your final words to your family going to be, “love you,” “see you later.” It’ll be the last time that you talk too them, so it has to be important. But really, imagine your life being taken whenever you innocent. It’ll be hard to make those last words count.

Just take the case of Cameron Todd Willingham, he was accused of murdering his own children in his home. Amber, two years old and his one year old twins. Not only murdering them, but burning them alive while they slept. I don’t know what you find wrong with that sentence, but i can tell you one thing, he was convicted because they found his DNA all over the place. Guess what, it what his home where he lived, of course his DNA was all over the place. But further evidence showed that he didn’t kill them. But not only was the evidence wrong, but so was the media, they betrayed him as a monster, beating and abusing his wife and children. While in reality, the wife begged the judge to believe her.

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He died claiming he was an innocent man, and he was. But nobody would believe him. Whenever, Mr.Willingham’s case was brought to the judge, the office of Gov. Rick Perry could never fully state what the case was about, He never read the file. Meaning he sent the guy to death assuming he did what they said he did. So with all of these questions being asked they Decided to re-analyze the evidence, after he was dead. The article, “Cameron Todd Willingham: on Improper or Wrongful Conviction,” states, “All other experts concluded essentially the same thing as Gerald Hurst: that Cameron Todd Willingham had been convicted and executed based on flawed forensic evidence.” But it was too late too do anything about it. Since he was already gone. The wife not only lost her children, she lost her husband too.

Even though that person could have something wrong does not prove anything. They could still be innocent. Just because they could have committed a crime does not mean that they for sure did it.

One of the main things that I have heard people say of why the death penalty is okay is that , ”the constitution doesn’t protect them or they have no rights,” but in reality, they are a member of the United States, and our founding fathers created the bill of rights to protect them for reasons like this. So even though they say that people on death row don’t have rights, they really do. Of course i agree that some people do deserve to be on death row for what they’ve done. Child melesters, rapist, etc. But in reality, killing them is more than likely giving them the attention that they want to have. There are other punishments that would work just the same and it’ll be cheaper.

Money plays an important part in every decision we make, so how about this fact. A study done in California showed that it is so much more expensive to actually execute someone, then it is too house them in a jail cell for the rest of their lives. It costs an average of 1.26 million per year for taxpayers in kentucky. While cases without the death penalty only costs 740,000. By doing the death row, you’re costing taxpayers more money than just holding them in prison would. That’s a very pricey way to murder someone. Over 250,000 dollars more. So in conclusion, as you can see the death penalty is a very horrible cruel punishment. But the worst part is that death row goes against the 8th amendment which is no cruel or unusual punishment. Which is why it’s not only wrong for you too punish someone with death. But it’s wrong for other reasons too. Like new evidence can be found once you’re dead, it cost so much more to murder them than to make them rot in jail and it’s inhumane to kill.

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