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Why Do People Need To Spend Less Time Watching TV

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The average time per person in America spends nine years of their life watching TV with three years wasted on repeating to watch the same TV shows the average time that the Americans spent to watch TV is 4.5hours a day Teenagers that is twenty something watch less TV than older people do. Americans age 18 to 24, watch a more than 16.2 hours a week more understandable 2.3 hours a day and Americans who are 35 or older watch double that in a week which is four point six. Now here are 3 reasons you should not completely stop watching television but perhaps just not watch it very often.

The first reason is that watching TV is actually similar to sleeping. Many people maybe did not realize that when they turn on the TV in their home, what they see as a continually flow of images is actually flickering. Although we do not see this consciously, the repeated pattern of flickering pictures creates a thing that is similar to the hypnosis thingy in the television viewer. The Impact of Television Advertising: Learning Without Involvement have shown that with 30 seconds of television viewing, brain waves switch from most of the things is beta waves, indicating alert and being aware of something , to make the alpha waves being the most part and not the beta waves, indicating an unfocused, willing to accept lack of attention. So when you are watching your mind is kind of at the mode when you are sleeping, so why don’t you spent more time sleeping than watching the TV.

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The second reason that you need to spend less time watching TV is that you are missing out on social interaction. Why do rather spent one more hour watching TV than doing other things like playing with your family, playing with your friends, read, drawing……You need to connect with other people, connecting with other people is a basic human need that is not going to get full filled by a television show. You always think that you don’t have time to play with you friends and get yourself free when you are working, but when you get home stop watching TV then you will have time to play with your friends, and do other things.

The third reason is that the TV will poison your belief it changes your belief, because that you are watching that TV every day but different shows. For example you are watching a very violent show, and they are killing people, and think ideas to make the other character die, you might think that the real world is like this to so you were like being so careful because you are scared that someone will kill you. Or like if you are watching a very happy and funny show like they are doing funny things and no violent things and always have an happy ending like at the end a hero will come and save the main character, and you will be like not scared of anything and not do your work and think that a people will come and save you to.

This three reason is why that you need to spend less time watching TV, there is a lot bad things about it and its also not healthy.

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