Will Sugar-sweetened Beverages Levy be Successful in Reducing Obesity?

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Nowadays, obesity is a problem that is faced amongst many people across the world. This has been going on for many years and chubbiness has increased tremendously. However, societies have had to cope with unexpected new problems, including public health issues which is corpulent or overweight. Freshly, the problem of whether the policymaker decide to use taxes on sweetened beverage to discourage obesity has been become a heated discussion. While Some people argue that the sugar-sweetened beverage levy brings us a lot of advantage, the disadvantage of the sugar-sweetened beverage levy far outweigh the benefits it creates. This essay will first explain the major problem and benefits of the sugar-sweetened drinks tax and then discuss the solution to the problems associated it.

First of all, rising obesity prevalence not only from sweetened drinks. In recent, people often switch to other unhealth highly caloric food. For example, pizza, bacon. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) state that the majority of our sugar calories come from food, not beverages, with grain-based desserts, yeast breads, and chicken and chicken-mixed dishes being the top three contributors (Welsh, Sharma, Grellinger, 2011). Nevertheless, even we decide to taxing on sweetened beverage due to reducing obesity if people who overweight or obese does not change their diet, taxing on sweetened beverage is inefficient and weak.

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Secondly, sugar-sweetened beverage tax will cause two major issues. On one hand, blame. people who needs to pay sugar-sweetened beverage tax will be feeling of shame about their behaviour. For instance, obesity is associated with pronounced stigma, in part because it is framed as a matter of personal responsibility. As a result of personal responsibility framing, excess weight can become conflated with laziness and sloth, and public health measures that are framed in this way may exacerbate well-known physical and mental health that damaging effects of obesity stigma (Puhl, Heuer, 2010). On the other hand, bias. Even if the price boost on drinks high in sugar is slightly captivated by soft drinks companies, lower income consumers are price sensitive and therefore probably more likely to switch to an alternative. In Berkley, California, did show that intake of sugar-sweetened beverages was reduced in lower income neighbourhoods in the city (Natalie, Riediger, Andrea & Bombak, 2018). However consumers might acting higher energy alternative such as fruit juice or a milk drink which is not included in the levy rather than a low calorie soft beverage and whom is overweight or obese does not be solve.

Furthermore, while there seem to be many drawbacks of taxing on sugar-sweetened beverage in society. There are also certain advantages. For instance, people who is pudgy and oversize that can decrease risk of diabetes and lowered blood pressure, solve the public health issues. According to Mexico which is sugar tax is now legislated they report that a 10% excise tax on sugary drinks has reduced purchasing of sugary drinks by an average of 6% and increased purchase of non-taxed drinks such as water by 4% (Evans, 2018). This is sample evidence to suggest that behavioural nudges could be used to discourage customers from buying sugary drinks, as any decrease in quantity demanded of sugar due to a tax will be short term. Perhaps the most prevalent argument against a sugar tax is that there are other solutions that are more effective than a tax, increase awareness. For example, the schools should be education about obesity. The school should launching lecture in order to foster awareness about obese. Better education about obesity and the associated risks to health are delivered to children from an earlier age to increase awareness (Moore, Young, Hassan,& James, 2019). Hence, the government should spending high on advertisements about obese or overweight, what obesity will affect our health. Let a majority of people to know the importance of reduce drinking Sugar-sweetened Beverages.

In conclusion, Although a sugar tax on its own is justified as a means of reducing sugar intake, as there is evidence sugar intake will decrease without any major caveats, a behavioural element should accompany it. The clear evidence that consumers are influenced heavily by marketing techniques means nudges such as different aisle placements for sugary drinks should accompany such a tax to further reduce sugar intake, thereby augmenting the tax’s validity. The government to have a thorough review in order to decide whether to continue such a policy. As a matter of fact , the government should take the reality results as well as the will of different group in account.

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