The Causes and Solutions for The Problem of Water Pollution

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Water pollution is a huge issue around the world because it affects everyone. No one can live without water, and if that water is contaminated, we can’t survive. Water pollution can be caused by the dumping of toxic chemicals, and even acid rain, which is caused by air pollution. This polluted water can cause a loss in biodiversity, as well as diseases in humans drinking from contaminated water sources. Our team took action against this growing problem by starting out small, and writing a letter to the Albany city planner. We plan to set out recycling and trash bins along the Albany Corning Preserve, so that the runners or bikers on the path will dispose of their waste properly. This is going to reduce the amount of waste going into the Hudson, and hopefully encourage the public to make a difference as well.

The main causes of water pollution are people dumping toxic waste into or around water bodies, and acid rain coming from air pollution. Our team focused more on the Hudson River, and the Albany Corning Preserve. In the corning preserve, water pollution is caused by the lack of waste disposal bins. People who use the path along the preserve don’t have anywhere to throw their garbage away, so they just drop it on the ground. Most of this waste is classified as municipal solid waste. It’s really not always the people’s fault, but just the lack of proper disposal methods. The effects of water pollution can be related to the environment, as well as the people in the environment. When water is polluted, it creates a loss in biodiversity because the aquatic life has to live in that water. It’s estimated that about 100 thousand marine animals die each year from polluted water. People realize that water pollution is a huge problem, so government organizations such as the EPA, were created to help in the effort to stop the harmful effects on the environment. Cleanup efforts also cost a lot of money; 4.3 billion dollars a year, to be specific.

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Our team actually has two solutions to this problem. For the first one, we wrote a letter to the Albany city planner to pace trash and recycling bins along the Albany Corning Preserve, to serve as incentive for people to dispose of their waste properly. If our plan is put into action by the city planner, the Corning Preserve will definitely be a cleaner place. For our second solution, we’ll be hosting a cleanup effort on the 15th of June. We’ll be picking up trash along the river from 11:30AM to 4:00PM. Along with the first solution, this is going to help permanently clean up the Albany Corning preserve, making it a better place, and making the river cleaner.

Water pollution is caused by people dumping their waste into water bodies, as well as acid rain coming from air pollution. The effects of water pollution are things like loss of biodiversity and billions of dollars spent in cleanup efforts. Both of our solutions are going to clean up the Hudson River, and hopefully spark a chain reaction across the world to stop water pollution. So why should you do something about it? Because without the combined effort of everyone in the world, we can’t make this happen. We can’t stop this problem, unless everyone cares. If you care about the future of our planet, then fix this problem now.

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