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World War 2 Thesis Statement

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Thesis statement:

World War two commenced on 1 September 1939 – on 2 September 1945

Soon after Hitler became chancellor, the use Concentration and extermination camps were put in place for order and the organization of deaths/labor for not only those of Jewish decent but also POWs, homosexuals, blacks, anti-war activists, those who were both physically and mentally disabled as well as many others. Concentration and extermination camps had a negative impact after Nazi development, it was obvious that due to Nazi empowerment through these camps, higher rates of death and inhumane executions were made. It is visible through such camps including Bergen-Belson, which expanded in 1941, and Auschwitz-Birkenau, established in 1940 that due to these developments, deaths for Soviet POWs and Jewish men, women, and children became largely apparent and gruesome. Questions were raised as to how this happened and what changes were made after SS invasions and the impact that trusted members of the German society, including licensed medical professionals had on these camps.

Body 1: Bergen-Belson

How concertation camps developed/changed

• P - Point - Topic sentence

Bergen-Belson was a concentration camp that originally expanded in 1941. Its original use was for the main purpose of holding French prisoners, however, its seen with the vast demand for the expansion of Jewish camps was very apparent during this time, which soon led to the mass development of this site. However, the increase in power with Hitler and his parties, following this allowed for unhygienic living conditions, which also caused disease which spread throughout the camp. It was seen once Nazis gained lead ship and superiority over Jews within this site, living conditions worsened and the cause of death became more apparent as numbers were raising at a fast rate.

- E – Explain -Explain your point with the fact

Bergen-Belson had a negative effect once developed under Nazi power, this is illustrated as following the German invasion of the Soviet Union, it was seen that a large mass of Soviet prisoners were deported to Bergen-Belson. However, in April 1943 Bergen-Belson was turned into an 'exchange camp' for Jewish prisons. During this time the camp living conditions and character of the camp drastically changed for the worse.

E - Elaborate - Elaborate on your facts to form an analysis -

Having the SS take over the southern section of the camp and having them use the camp for additional purposes which included labor work mostly, led to 50,000 deaths within a few months of the operation of this site. Having the nature of the camp redeveloped under Nazi power ultimately lead to horrific deaths. These deaths were due to overcrowding, lack of food, and poor sanitary conditions, however having install fear in most of the resistance in this camp, was ultimately the main cause of death throughout this time.

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E - Example - Provide an example to support your explanation and elaboration. Usually in modern, this is where you might use historiography

L-Link- Linking sentence back to your argument and the question

Due to this immediate liberation a total of 52,000 European prisoners died in Bergan-Belson as a result of their imprisonment and the early few months of Nazi settlements.

Body 2:

Extermination camps developed/changed - Auschwitz-Birkenau, Poland

• P - Point - Topic sentence

• Auschwitz was both an extermination camp and concentration camp, it was established by Germans in 1940, however, Nazis had started the development of this site in the early 1930s. Auschwitz is known for its abominable and gruesome grounds, the negligence of this site and the prisoners within was not only inhumane but also shaped history today. Questions were raised as to how this could have happened, what changes within society itself led to this, and how Nazi empowerment help assist with the development of Auschwitz.

- E – Explain -Explain your point with the fact

Auschwitz originally was established due to the mass arrest of Poles which then led to overcrowding within local prisons, therefore leaving Auschwitz as a perfect candidate for imprisonment for Jews. Once opened, the camp was able to fit 125 thousand prisoners of the war, however opening as a branch for Auschwitz in March 1942 it developed into an extermination site for Jews. The first transportation of poles from Tarnów to Auschwitz was on June 14th, 1940. Auschwitz was not only used for the extermination of those of Jewish descent but also as labor work. Within the time of operation, prisoners were forced into work, however on the expansion of the camp overcrowding was still an issue at this time but it was believed that this is the way Nazis wanted the death toll to rise, through executing basic human necessities.

E - Elaborate - Elaborate on your facts to form an analysis -

Before Auschwitz and other extermination camps, under the Nazi establishment, a new policy was released. This new policy was seen as a cover-up for mass murders within this time. The policy allows for medically licensed doctors to carry out/supervise deaths, specifically Jews. The term was called euthanasia. Doctors played a critical role in the final solution, in camps such as Auschwitz supervision was made by these doctors, through lethal injections, the selection of whom would be killed, and most commonly, gas champers.

E - Example - Provide an example to support your explanation and elaboration. Usually in modern, this is where you might use historiography

Auschwitz S.S. doctors Fritz Klein stated 'Of course, I am a doctor and I want to preserve life,'' replied Klein. ''And out of respect for human life, I would remove a gangrenous appendix from a diseased body. The Jew is the gangrenous appendix in the body of mankind.'' Those who were viewed as 'hereditarily sick' were at risk of sterilization. It is estimated that a range of 200,000 to 350,000 people were sterilized under licensed professional supervision.

L-Link- Linking sentence back to your argument and the question

This furthermore represents the fact that Nazi development had an impact and vastly developed Auschwitz, with the help of medical professionals which assisted the mass killing of Jews. This impacted any hope of survival as Nazi doctors destroyed the boundary 'between healing and killing'   

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