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“Every 9 minutes child protective services substantiate, or finds evidence for a claim of child sexual abuse.”

(U.S Department of Health and Human Services). Controversy about how much maltreatment and neglected actions can affect children's lives and also be relevant as a trauma experience. In fact, most child abuse cases began to develop at home caused by mother, father, or biological parents. There are many reasons why child abuse continues to exist; lack of knowledge of learning the different types of child abuse (to report it) and how they all can be disturbed future child’s behavior. It is time to encourage communities to make decisions and report signs of child maltreatment and neglect for justice.

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A broad definition of child sexual abuse is physical maltreatment, contact, and indirect interactions such as exposure or internet base in activities. “Mother would simply grab me and smash my face against the mirror, smearing my tear-streaked face on the slick, reflective glass. Then she would order me to say over and over again, I’m a bad boy! I’m a bad boy!” (Dave Pelzer, p. 30) Dave Pelzer considers the awareness in reporting children experiencing maltreatment and neglect, he shares through his book his personal terrific child abuse. Dave survived physical, verbal, and emotionally abused at the hands of his own mother. Dave’s mother used the technique to manipulate Dave’s mentality and make him feel guilty over not-real situations. Her evilness got her into a stage where she physically punches, smashes his face, and burned his hand using a stove. With him unable to defend himself his only concern was to receive any punishment except to relive the burning hand experience; when someone interrogates his bruises he refuses to admit his mother’s abuse.

Nowadays, the numerous sexual child abuse keeps increasing with fewer reported actions, these abuse cases are becoming more involved in all ethnicity, race, gender, and ages. Sexual child abuse has two different forms and activities; physical-contact abuse and non-physical contact. When the abuser commits physical contact (sexual abuse) it involves activities such as sexual games, penetration, touching parts of the body, and kissing. Non-physical sexual abuse is defined as children being exploited to be part of commercial pornography and forced into sexual photography poses.

Sexual abuse comes in different forms and cultures. In some cultures, there is a strong belief that children deserve to be abused because of their traditional values. For example, If I was spanked and I’m okay, why shouldn’t I spank my child? A teacher can punish my child if she/he doesn’t pay attention in class. In Vietnamese culture, children who misbehave get brutally and physically abused as a form of discipline. “According to the pupil, it is not uncommon for traditional Vietnamese families to tie a misbehaving child's ear to a doorknob as punishment.” (McIntyre 1992).

Parents can lose self-control, and create traumatic events while they raising and practicing discipline in their children's life. discipline can be a risk factor for trauma the key is not to use punishment as the best approach form of correction, but to understand properly the causes of challenging behavior. More importantly, the best way of discipline is to create a supportive environment, give attention, set limits, reward good behavior, praise good behavior, and give explanations of self-decision vs consequences. Understanding the concept of CSA continues to be a challenge in many cultures but if everyone loves and wants the best for children to look for resources and trauma symptoms preventions.

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