Advantages And Disadvantages Of Body Language

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Everyone likes to understand the person who is in front of him but it doesn’t mean by only hearing what a person says, because sometimes words are not enough, so in this article we are going to discuss an interested method to understand people which known as a body language. basically body language is the unsaid words of the communication that shows the actual feelings and emotions like our gestures, facial expressions.

According to body language project (2013) Reading body languages signs have lots of advantages things such as, firstly, it can assist the speaker to complete the point that he is trying to say and to raise our awareness of people reactions of what they make and say. Secondly it helps to act more positive engaging and approachable.

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As (Retrieved 2019) says, there are many things that helps the person to understand the signs. Firstly facial expression when a person try to make a happy smile you will crinkle and when the person is faking his smile you will not, and it helps the person to hide the pain that he is facing because people will assume the person is happy due to his fake smile. Secondly, eye has more than a few effects. According to (Retrieved) the person cannot control his pupils, and you can know when the person is interesting on the object or in the person by looking at his pupils because it will expanded automatically when the person or the object is in front of him. Lastly Gestures, it is the movement with the body parts such as arm, hands, finger, head and others, for example if you are in a discussion and the person arms are fold it might mean the person is closed mind and for the most part unwilling to listen to what is the speaker’s view point. However when the person doesn’t be aware of what you are saying his shoulder will automatically wave. Also according to Kurien, Daisy N (March 1, 2010) stress-free hands means self-confidence and assurance while clenched hands may be interpreted as signs of anxiety or fury. If a person is wringing his hands, this shows nervousness and afraid.

In society, people have agreed that not all points should be accurate 100% due to difference of cultures, which sometime it will leads to misunderstanding the person who is in front of you and this is the most negative point about the body language, and here is a simple example, in middle east countries when someone gave you a present it will be embarrassing to open it in front of the person who gave you the present, and in Europe countries it will shows that you are not interesting about the gift if you didn’t open it in front of the person.

To conclude with, in everything there is some advantage and some disadvantages and here in body language the benefit is way more than the disadvantages but you just need to be careful when and how to use it to avoid the misunderstanding.

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