Non-verbal Communication Essay about Gestures

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Communication is an essential part of our lives. It helps individuals to convey information, feelings, and meanings through verbal and non-verbal messages. It is usually common to see many people think that verbal communication is used profoundly in our daily lives and its knowledge is more important for us. Nonverbal communication, on the other hand, complements and enhances spoken language, with the lack of any one of them leading to misunderstanding of the message we are attempting to transmit. So, in this essay, we've mostly focused on the necessity of understanding nonverbal communication in our daily lives, as well as its parity with verbal communication.

The theme that we have chosen for our project is 'Non-verbal Communication'. Communication is much more than words. Everything except for words can be considered non-verbal. Nonverbal communication includes things such as facial expressions, gestures, body language, inflection, and posture. For example, a grin on our friends' faces when they see us after a long period, even before they say a word of welcome, shows that he or she is pleased to see us. Touch is another cue of nonverbal communication. It makes a difference in showing a person's sentiments or expressions, and closeness, and outlines the characteristics of that individual. Women tend to show affection through touch while men may tend to show power or control. Also, a firm and stiff handshake or a warm and lovely embrace is more distinctive than a loose one.

Moreover, the tone or sound of our voice while speaking is also another form of nonverbal communication. We utilize the pitch of our voice to distinguish whether the sentence could be a command, advice, or question and whether it appears aggressive or not. For instance, we can find out if a person is nervous and not confident while giving a speech in a gathering if their voice is shaky and low. The clothing we wear and its color are likewise different types of nonverbal communication that outline judgments among us depending on different cultures and customs. While speaking in an official meeting, a formal clothing code could be adapted. On the other hand, if the message is intended for an informal setting, a casual code could be used.

To represent the theme that we chose, we added different things in our collage to depict nonverbal communication. To begin with, the background consists of words printed on newspapers that depict verbal communication. After all, verbal and nonverbal communication coexist alongside each other for a better understanding of messages. Words can be highlighted and supported with the help of nonverbal communication. Nonverbal signals like tone or gestures can alter the interpretation of a verbal sentence and change its meaning.

There are also three different types of facial expressions on the top. We have added this to show that people can judge and understand the other person by reading their facial expressions without having to speak anything. If we see someone crying, we can instantly know that that person is feeling sad or depressed. Emotions like happiness, sadness, anger, confidence, or shock can be expressed using nonverbal communication. Non-verbal gestures are what our recipients see even before hearing any word. These metaphorical signals can be a visual representation of emotion, yet our words may send a different meaning at times. There are times when people hide their emotions by speaking words that they do not mean, but by seeing the contradiction on their faces, we can figure out and maybe help them to open up about their true feelings.

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Moving on to the main girl in the center, she has been given some retro vibes to show that nonverbal communication has been used since a long time ago and will continue to do so. We can also see that there are many different forms of other nonverbal communication inside her head which is split open. Different gestures indicate different meanings. For instance, the child is expressing her happiness, excitement and satisfaction by showing gestures like putting her hands in the air with her thumbs up. Moreover, we can somehow predict that the man in the right corner is a bit frustrated and is telling someone to stop something by showing his hand gesture in that way.

Furthermore, we can see two girls hugging each other happily. This shows that people can communicate with each other through touch as well. A warm bear hug could indicate that they are delighted to see each other after a long time. Small gestures like this further increase their trust and love towards each other. In contrast, if we see the picture next to it, the posture of one of the girls with her back facing the other tells us that they might not want to talk to each other at the moment. After all, every individual may interpret different nonverbal signs with different meanings as they are ambiguous.

There is another picture on the left that is a form of nonverbal communication in terms of environment and space. We all need physical space, though they may differ according to the situation or relationship. However, sometimes people can be uncomfortable if the other person is standing too close and invading your space. The environment also plays a role in nonverbal communication. It sets the place to interact with verbal communication. In the picture, there is a crowd of people at a particular place, and it allows people to celebrate and enjoy together. On the other hand, if you go to the library, the environment does not allow any noise so communication in the form of silence takes place.

Another major picture comes into view with the red cup in the collage. This form of nonverbal communication is olfactics. It is one of the strongest forms of nonverbal communication since smell can trigger our memories and our body also gives the quickest reaction and response to smell rather than to sights or sounds. For example, the smell of the coffee in the cup can make us feel comfortable and warm. We have also added the red roses to depict its pleasant aroma that can usually be remembered by many.

In conclusion, we have discussed the meaning behind some elements in our collage and have found out that nonverbal communication cannot be ignored in our daily communication. Upon knowing the importance of nonverbal communication through this project, we have realized that both verbal and nonverbal communication should be taken into consideration equally while communicating. Both of them define our relationship and interaction with others and portray the psychological and physical well-being of mankind. For effective communication, we must keep in mind its importance and monitor our nonverbal communication so that we are aware of our interpretation and do not assume that it is always precise. We would like to end with the saying that is heard by all, 'Action speaks louder than words'.

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