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The Interpretation of Nonverbal Communication

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Non-verbal communication is the exchange of information by wordless cues which includes body language, gestures, and facial expressions. Nonverbal communication is sending and receiving messages in a variety of ways without using verbal cues. It’s both intentional and unintentional and it is one of the key aspects of any business communication scenario. Nonverbal communication also includes handwriting style, arrangement of words and the physical layout as with all communication there is room for misinterpretation and the possibility of distortion of noise. When verbal communications conflict with nonverbal cues, people will sometimes use nonverbal cues to come to their own understanding. This section of the handbook will center around interpreting nonverbal communication to alleviate any miscues.

We felt the need to identify nonverbal communication in this handbook because we are not only dealing with staff, we are also dealing with vendors and customers alike. We addressed emails earlier in this handbook and because it is a primary way that we communicate here at Text for Thought. Since we are an online publishing company and most of our communication will be handled electronically, specifically emails. Dealing with emails we sometimes missing out in the tone in which the email was written. Nonverbal communication is used to repeat the verbal message but it can also contradict the verbal message through posture and dress. Now that we have addressed nonverbal communication we will talk about the issues related interpreting and identifying this type of communication, and ways of preventing miscues. We want to caution against some of the following miscues:

  • Bad posture-such as slouching instead we should be standing or sitting upright
  • Crossing your arms-this comes off as you are closed
  • Gestures-not overusing gestures

Tips for Effective Cultural Communication

This section is our final section in our handbook and this one is so critical in how we treat others around and are respectful of everyone’s differences. We are going to talk about cultural communication and how we can address this subject to not only help our diverse customer base but also the different cultures that are employed here at Text for Thought. Cultural communication focuses on how people from different cultures, background, beliefs and communities communicate across different cultures to minimize understandings. We have outlined some tips that will be beneficial in our workplace.

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Cultural communication relates to how employees communicate, manage, work together and build relationships with others from cultural backgrounds that are different from our own. Our organization is comprised of different cultures and beliefs therefore we need to be sensitive to the cultures of everyone around us and this will help to curtail intercultural conflicts. Effective cultural communication helps us to be aware of other employees as well as the vendors and customers that we service.

We have outlined a potential barrier to cultural communication that in no way will be tolerated here at Text for Thought which Ethnocentrism where one negatively judges aspects of other cultures based on the ideas of one’s own culture and they feel that their culture is superior to others.

Here at Text for Thought, we want to thank you for taking the time to review this handbook and that it helps alleviates any nuances that one might have centered around communication.


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