Alice Paul Struggle for Freedom

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The women’s rights movement started in 1848 but wasn’t taken seriously until March 1913. On this day women’s rights were taken more seriously, Alice Paul began The Woman Suffrage Procession Parade with hundreds of thousands of people lined up on Pennsylvania Avenue to watch the Woman Suffrage Parade, to demand their right to vote. She secured permission from government officials to use the grand steps of the Treasury Building during working hours to mount a feminist pageant. The performance included 100 classically costumed women and children representing ideals such as Freedom, Justice, Peace, Charity, Liberty, and Hope as well as outstanding female historical figures including Sappho, Joan of Arc, and Elizabeth of England. More than 20,000 people reportedly watched the pageant, including a reporter from the New York Times who gushed that it was “one of the most impressively beautiful spectacles ever staged in this country.” Alice Paul took a stand by marching and picketing through Washington to help with the women's rights cause.

Alice Paul was a 20th-century suffragist, feminist, and women's rights activist. She was one of the main leaders and strategists of The Woman Suffrage Procession Parade in 1913. She campaigned the 19th Amendment to the U.S Constitution which prohibits sex discrimination in the right to vote. Alice Paul endured many challenges trying to fight for women’s rights. She was even thrown in jail for fighting for what she believed what was right. During World War 1 she refused to abandon all the work she had fought for. She picketed in front of the White House with signs that said things like “Mr. President, you say liberty is the fundamental demand of the human spirit”

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Alice Paul dedicated her life to equal rights for women. She had many struggles when fighting for women’s rights, she was sentenced to jail for seven months while picketing the white house and was charged for obstructing traffic. She then went on a hunger strike. The doctors were afraid she might die and threatened to send her to an insane asylum. Where she was forced fed raw eggs threw a feeding tube. This soon got out into the newspapers of her treatment and soon everyone had sympathy and supported suffrage. After the 19th Amendment, Alice Paul’s work wasn’t over. While the government recognized women’s rights by passing the 19th Amendment women still faced discrimination. Alice Paul and others from the National Women’s Party drafted the Equal Rights Amendment. This Amendment would have guaranteed equal rights to all people regardless of their gender. The Amendment was ratified on March 22, 1972, which by both houses of Congress, but it failed to get approved by the states and still to this day has not been passed.

In conclusion, Alice Paul helped a lot in the struggle of women’s rights. Today women are taken more seriously. Women even have the right to vote and, they are equal there are still a lot of struggles with women’s rights. Now of day’s women are allowed to have the same jobs as men and even have higher paid positions than most men in the country.

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