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Argumentative Essay on Alternative Treatment: The Best Therapy in Near Future

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According Center of Disease Control and Prevention, we have at least two million people who get an antibiotic-resistant infection, and it causes to 23000 people die every year in the U.S. That comes from that people tend to use a lot of description drug at any given moment. However, people have chosen the second way to prevent antibiotic-resistant and medicine side effects by using alternative treatment and alternative medicine since 1980, but some people are still incredulous about the effects of alternative treatment and tend to push again it out of the U.S. In this case, people are wondering what is complementary and alternative medicine the best therapy in the near future? It is a controversial topic. However, people should use alternative medicine because of its efficacy and safety.

In term of alternative, complementary and alternative medicines are the products and practices that do not belong to standard medical treatment. Additionally, according to the National Cancer Institute stated that “complementary medicine is the treatments that are used along with standard treatments, and alternative medicine is treatments that are used instead of a standard medical treatment”. In this case, people usually use massages as a complementary medicine because of easy practicing, efficiency, and safety. First of all, massages are a therapy that is easy to practice. Everyone can use a massage every time and everywhere. It does not require any special skill that people need to study or get the certification for its expected massage therapist. In this case, the data of American Massage Therapy Association stated that about 19 percent of adult Americans used massage between 2016 and 2017, and about 33 percent of adult Americans used massage in the previous five years, and moreover, 27 percent of them used massage at home, and about 39 percent of them were given massage at Spa and Massage therapist’s office in 2017. Figure 1 below shows massage therapy.


Figure 1: Massage Therapy


Furthermore, massages are effective and safe. The massage therapy does not have any side effect and it is the best way to push again the pain instead of a painkiller bill. By affecting small force on the muscles and joints, massage therapy can help relieve pain in the body and relaxing, and because people just use a small physical force on the body to massage, the massage therapy does not harm the patient and cause any side effect. That’s is why 89 percent of adult American agree that massage helps reduce pain and 29 percent of them agree that they reduce stress and help to relax (AMTA). In short, in term of complementary medicine, massage is the best choice for pain instead of a pain killer.

Not only massage therapy can help people reduce pain and relaxing without any side effect, but the herb also the best alternative medicine to prevent sickness, and in some cases, it is used to treat some dangerous diseases such as cancer and diabetes. A long time ago, people used herd as the medicine to treat some normal sickness such as headache, stomachache and cold because they had many observation and experience with these medicine herb, and now, many scientists confirm the benefits of medicine herd in treatment normal illness by many studies and researches. Take Vietnamese and Chinese as an example, they use turmeric and honey as a medicine to treat stomachache, and in another example, in American, they use blackberry to treat diarrhea and some problem about tissues and joint. In this case, Santosh Kumar Yadav review many researches about turmeric benefits and stated that:

An Indian dietary derivative – curcumin– has been proved an invaluable therapeutic agent that has no side effects and is cheaper to treat gastric diseases. Curcumin (C21H20O6), the principal curcuminoid, a yellow pigment found in the rhizome of Curcumaloga, also known as turmeric, has been used since ancient times in China to treat various human disorders, and it is well documented for its medicinal properties in the Indian and Chinese systems of medicine.

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In short, the benefit of medicine herd is proved during many experiences, observation in daily life, and in case of science, we also have many studies and researches to identify the benefit medicine herb in treatment normal illness.

Moreover, people use medicine herb to treat many serious diseases such as diabetes and cancer. Many researches stated that the description drugs that diabetes type -2 patient are using have many side effects, but in contract to description drugs, medicine herd has the same effect with description drugs, but it is quite safer than description drugs. Take cinnamon as an example, according to Eric Yarnell and Kathy Abascal, the people who use cinnamon have lower blood glucose and total cholesterol, and they found that cinnamon help decrease blood pressure in diabetes patient, and it is quite safe. Additionally, medicine herd is used to prevent cancer. Many drugs that use to treat cancer kill cancer cells and these drugs also harm the patient body. These drugs cause a terrible effect on the patient’s bodies such as hair loss, diarrhea, headache, and internal bleeding. However, some medicinal herbs are identified as a natural anticancer drug, and important these drugs do not have any side effect that can harm the patient’s body. Some research showed that some herbs that have strong chemical can kill the cancer cell. For example, research of Kaowin stated that garlic has N-benzyl-N-methyl-dodecane-1-amine that have many anticancer properties, and it is also promising anticancer drugs soon. As a result, the medicine herb completely has the big benefit to prevent and fight again diabetes and cancer.

With hard evidence that alternative have work for a variety of individual, many people still believe in modern medical care, and they continue to push against complementary and alternative medicine, and they hope that they can remove the alternative from the U.S. They believe the description drugs that are better and safer than alternative medicine because medical experts, doctors, and pharmacists research and test the drugs before the drugs can be given to the patients. Additionally, some people who got complementary and alternative medicine feel the effects of complementary and alternative is slower than description drugs. That’s why they think the people should believe in the medicine that is certified by modern sciences as the description drugs and remove the medicine that belongs to tradition as the complementary and alternative. In this case, we all agree that complementary and alternative medicine effect slower than description drugs, and they are maybe certified by traditional experiences and observations. However, nowadays, the complementary and alternative medicine did not belong to tradition. Many medical expert and doctor are researching alternative medicine to find the new medicine that more effective and less harmful. For example, the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine has more than 2500 researches about complementary and alternative medicine safety and efficacy. Moreover, now, more and more American believe and used complementary and alternative medicine as the main treatment. Figure 2 below compares the percentage of people believe and do not believe in complementary and alternative medicine.

[image: ]

Percentage of U.S. adults believing in positive effects of complementary and alternative medicine as of 2017


Although description drugs have fast efficacy, and they have many types of research and studies to certify them, complementary and alternative medicine also get more scientific evidence to prove their great benefit for people.

Complementary and alternative medicine do not belong to tradition anymore. With the best efficacy in treatment normally illness and many serious diseases, the complementary and alternative medicine not only prove for themselves by patient’s experience, but they are also proved by many types of research and studies. In the near future, the term “alternative medicine” maybe is replaced by the term “integrative medicine”. In that, patients can be completely treated in the body and mind with the effective and safe medicine that come from nature.

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