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Argumentative Speech on Gun Violence

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Gun control means a law that has control over gun usage and sales production. Gun control has the authority over who is allowed to own guns. Gun control has been beneficial ever since the gun control law had passed. Gun control had a huge hand in reducing the crime and violence rate, death mass from shootings, etc. Using guns as a defense method could go wrong, though the gun is rarely used for inconvenient reasons. People who are armed with guns are more likely to use them wrongly which could lead to accidental death or might cause bigger problems. Gun control has been found effective by many schoolers which proclaims us why we should have laws against gun violence.

“Jake” the publication author of (11 Unbiased Gun Violence Statistics - Tier Three Tactical) this article believes that the vast majority of what we read about gun violence is deliberately wrong. It’s often run by someone arguing for a right or left-wing position. He assures that he has no such leanings towards it. Jake showed data statistics of gun violence that had a higher death rate, including suicide, homicide, unintentional, etc. He claims that they are nonetheless a tragedy. Often, firearms were chosen because it was one of the effective methods to commit suicide and other things. Gun violence prevention law would be an effective way in reducing gun violence. If a state does not have an obligation to fight against threats, then gun violence would lead to a greater violation that could harm individuals’ lives. However, if actions are taken immediately against gun violence and reduced the rate of it then there would be significantly fewer crimes and human life would be protected.

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Laws against gun violence are necessary to prevent gun violence and to protect people from committing felonies since it would be impossible to carry guns if these laws were in place. Deaths caused by guns are the largest concern. Owning a gun from a dealer may have a range of consequences because people with mental illness who are suicidal often end up debating whether to harm themselves or not, which is why gun control laws were enacted since if they didn't exist, people would’ve started debating whether they should end their lives or not. In my opinion, those people would've armed themselves within a matter of time just so they could satisfy the inner mind that's influencing them to take a path beyond their means.

Meanwhile, John J. Donohue III is a professor of law at Stanford University and has been researching gun violence and gun control for about 25 years. He has written on topics such as whether widespread gun ownership makes people safer and how US gun control compares to other countries. “In the U.S., people have conflicting opinions about guns, with some considering them to be valuable products and well-protected against criminals and a cruel government. Approximately one-third of American households own guns, so this is likely the most pro-gun section of society.”- stated John J.

In conclusion, many people might have different opinions regarding gun control, as it is a controversial issue; however, I believe that gun control laws could be improved to ensure the safety and security of future generations. And so, if gun control continues to be implemented in the future, we will be protected from being shot and will be strictly limited from owning guns, so we can lead a mentally stable, and healthy life after all.

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