Bacteria Vs. Viruses

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Though many people may believe that there are other major factors that are a threat to mankind and viruses are not even a major issue, they actually are. I totally agree that they are one of the biggest threats to mankind as they can be extremely harmful based on the type and they are the cause for hundreds of deaths nowadays. The following are worldwide statistics on this issue. “Worldwide, these annual epidemics are estimated to result in about 3 to 5 million cases of severe illness, and about 290 000 to 650 000 respiratory deaths.”

Back in those days, viruses like the black death have wiped out over 75 million people in the year 1350. We can see from these alarming statistics how much of an effect a virus can have on the whole community if spread. Though it is known that some viruses may be useful to our body in helping it to get rid of invading microbes, not all are as friendly and are mostly dangerous for humans.

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The problem with viruses is that it has very few remedies to cure and when it gets severe and unnoticed by you, it can cause serious damage and may even result in your death. Another main issue is that it can easily spread through the smallest contact with another person and then it will start infecting them as well until a group of people are all affected and suffering by it. You will not be able to live a normal life with certain viruses impacting your daily life. Certain viruses can even be spread through the air when infected people cough or sneeze around you and it won’t be noticed by you as deadly but it can turn out that way if you somehow catch it. The world had a bad experience at certain time periods in history with some deadly viruses that killed millions of people like Ebola, Influenza, Black death and others. The things people back then did to prevent getting the viruses was shocking like separating family members and letting them die by themselves so the rest of the family doesn’t catch the virus and isolating anyone who had the virus were all quite heart-wrenching though due to those barbaric methods, the deadly viruses ended.

Though we can all predict how the world would have been if some of the viruses had no cure to end and was still continuing today. Though, we can argue that humans are partly responsible and the cause for the rise in viral infections. The lifestyle in which we got adapted has partially been to blame for. Though the virus may start off as small for us like a general cold, it can become worse if we don’t react and try some remedies to get rid of it. Our immune system is known to get rid of mostly all sorts of bacterial infections as well as viral though there are a few viruses like HIV which weakens the immune system that then will be quite hard to be able to fight off. Overall, based on the past experiences from history and the current effects of viruses happening at the moment based on the statistics and research clearly shows that viruses are a big threat for all living things and have a chance of becoming even more dangerous if everyone doesn't have an awareness of it and try to stay safe and hygienic.

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