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Biography of Abraham Lincoln Essay

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Abraham Lincoln the greatest and most popular president of America. One of the most respected presidents of world history. A true statesman politician, a great leader, The abolisher of the slavery trade. Abraham Lincoln the savior of America during the devastating civil war and 16th percent of America. After 200years later if we talk about American President’s first name came to our mind is Mr. Abraham Lincoln.

Born: Abraham Lincoln born 12 February 1809 in a small wooden house of Hodgenville at Kentaki state in America. He starts life in a very poor farmer family. His father’s name is Thomas Lincoln. His mother’s name is Nancy Hanks Lincoln who was a housewife. His parents are from England.

Abraham Lincoln was the second child of his parents. he has an elder sister name Sarah Lincoln, who is two years older than him and a little brother too who died in her childhood. His family was so poor that his father can’t afford to send him school.

Abraham Lincoln Childhood: His family leaves Hodgenville for land disputes and went to13th kilometer north side. Their family came to North Creek Farm in 1811. They start farming there. Sometime later they face land disputes again. Abraham Lincoln’s family leave North Creek Farm went to Indiana, start farming again but this time they start farming inside a deep forest.

At the age of six, Abraham Lincoln start his schooling. He asks others for there used books to study them. For living Abraham Lincoln start laboring work from his early childhood. So he forced to leave the study. But when he gets the time he keeps studying. His life was full of struggle and tragedy first sad news came to his life on 5th October 1818 at the age of nine he lost his mother Nancy Lincoln.

After the death of his mother, Sara took over the responsibility of the house.

Abraham Lincoln On His Young Age: After seeing the condition of the house for one year his father decide o marry again. On 2nd December 1819, his father married for the second time. His stepmother’s name was Sarah Sally Bush Johnston a widow, who has three children from her first husband. she is from Elizabethtown Kentucky. Abraham Lincoln refused to accept her as a mother, sometime later he gets close to her. His stepmom loves him so much that he did not feel again that he has no mother. His mother helps him in his study.

Lincoln’s father behaves so rudely with him and didn’t want Abraham to continue his studies. Abraham Lincoln made wooden boats to drive his costs and also, work on the farm.

Sometime later he got a job in a shop, where he also got some time to study. At the time of 20th January 1828, his sister died during the birth of her child at 21years age.

Abraham Lincoln Became Independent: Abraham Lincon’s was six feet four-inch-tall. His thinking was that if he wants to do something he needs to left her house and live alone. He left his house and shifted to New Shalam and stray there for six-year. He is master at ax maneuvering and throwing. He has cut marks on her face it happened when he was fighting with a criminal. New Slam life was not as easy some hooligan start disturb him. One day he was invited for a wrestling match to stop all of this he accepted the challenge of hooligan leader. Although Abraham Lincoln lost the wrestling match the fright was legendary. Hooligan is become so impressed to see the determination of Lincoln. His face was so popular there as an honest man. They wrote a poem over him.

Abraham Lincoln and his study of law: When he does his job in a shop where he starts his study of Law. During study one day he has known that a retired Judge lives opposite side of the riverbank. He decided to meet and request him for studying his collection. On a winter day, he went out to meet the Judge with his boart. In the meed river, his boat comes into a collision with a flowing ice chase. Abraham Lincoln’s boat gets sunk he started swimming in the river. After showing his strong desire Judge agree to share his collection for studies with one condition that he will do all the work of his until the servant come back from his leave. He agrees to do the work. His remuneration for his work was only to study the law book collection.

Abraham Lincoln Carrier as a Post Master: sometime later Lincoln get a job in a post office as a postmaster in a village. People from the village start knowing him they start respecting him.

Abraham Lincoln Early Political Carrier: Showing the problem of the local people in 1834, he decided to leave his job of postmaster to take entry in politics, join the Whig party. Abraham Lincoln has feelings for the slave and wants to abolish the slave trade, with this moto he takes part in the election and starts his election campaign for Legis Lative Member (MLA). Everything was going against Abraham Lincoln at that time he lost his election in so bad way. Linkon facing a financial crisis because he resigned from his job for election.

At the age of 24 Abraham Lincoln, the greatest president of American history very deeply fall in love with the shop owner girl named Rutledge. She was died because of typhoid disease. He gets so depressed He goes to Rutledge grave sit and cry for days. His friends took away all knife, blade, and scissors from him, they think Linkoln may be committed suicide in depreciation but he replied: ‘ I don’s creat history yet, I am not going to die’. His friend Boling Green busts his moral and help him to participate in the election. This time he wins the MLA election and his name into those youngest MLA.

He gets the attraction of the young man. He became a good lecturer in the assembly. Other members of the assembly carefully listen to his lecture. He said in the assembly Springfield became the capital of the state Govt. accept as a dam the proposal. During this time he completes his Law study, get a license and became a lawyer.

Abraham lincoln carrier as a lawyer: He meets a famous lawyer named Stuard and starts working together. After working for some time Stuard leaves the work. He became unsuccessful here too because he doesn’t charge a single penny from the poor. All of his life he didn’t fright for any criminal. Although he is unsuccessful as a lawyer he works as a lawyer for twenty years. After doing this work he fills mental peace.

Some important story of Abraham Lincoln was one day Lincoln and his assistant fraught a case in court for a mental patient. He wins the case in just 15 minutes. His assistant takes full Freese from the patient brother and the are happy with the decision. Lincoln said I am not happy. you take Freese from a patient to take the money I would lick to die in hunger. If you want you can take your’s but give back them mine.

Abraham Lincon Married life: Abraham Lincon meets Mary Toddin’s at a party. She belongs to a rich family. Their relation breaks three times before marriage. Finally, he got married on 4th November 1842 with Mary Todd. He became the father of a boy child in 1843. He became the father of more three boys. Mary gave birth to three more boy children. We all know that Abraham Lincoln life was full of tragedy out of his four children three of his child was dead in childhood. Only Robert Lincoln who born in 1843 survived.

Abraham Lincon and Mery Todd are mentally different from each other. They quarl with each other most of the time. In the American civil war, his own family members and relatives are fighting in the army. Abraham Lincoln told his only alive son to fright in the army. After all of this if you think Mary Todd was a bad wife then you are wrong. She was an ideal woman and wife. She respects the decision of Mr. Lincoln and stands with him at the last of her life. She also provides support to him in his bad times.

Abraham Lincoln’s Political Carrier: He was chosen as a member of the lower house (the house of representative) for single terms. During his political campaign Stifen E. Drugless, his party leader who always forces Lincoln to speak with the crowd was with him, someone creating the problem in the crowd he got angry Abraham Lincoln went there put him up by his nack and throw him on the floor. the crowd goes silent.

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As the house of Representatives, he openly said the slave trade should be abolished. America said New Texas was our territory, Mexico said it’s our territory and the Mexican war was broke out. America won the war. Abraham Lincoln said in the lower house it was wrong what America does.

In the year 1854 Republican party was established Abraham Lincoln join the Republican party. He contests for the Senate and vice-president candidate. He loses his both election in 1956 and 1858.

Missouri Compromise: One parallel line 36 degree 30 minute it divided America in two-part. Upperside of the line ware Noth States, the slave trade was illegal here. The lower side of the line ware South States, the slave state the slave trade was legal here. Except for Missouri, it belongs to the north but the slave trade was legal here. The slave trade adopts here in 1820 by President James Munro. This is called the Missouri Compromise.

California Compromise: animal’s life ware far better than slave life, their owner beating them badly some time kill them. Slave ware runaway from South State to Noth State to free them from slavery. To stop this California Compromised was happened. California’s compromise came in present in 1850. There were five provisions they are:

  1. California became a free state slave trade will be banned there.
  2. Some parts of Texas belong to South State and the remaining part belongs to Mexico.
  3. The severity of the state was decided by white people.
  4. Slave Trading was banned in Washington DC.
  5. The fifth amendment was the dangerous Fugitive Law.

Fugitive Law: Because of torture of there owner slave start runaway from South State to North State and Fugitive Law said to catch the slave beating mercilessly that they don’t even think to run away to North state. This was California Compromised.

Provision three and provision five are the reason for the raising of Abraham Lincoln.

Abraham Lincon As A President: 1854 Republican Party has established Abraham Lincoln to join the Republican party and start the campaign against the slave trade. Republican Party promotes Abraham Lincoln as there Presidential candidate. Southern states members understand that if Lincoln will win he definitely abolish slavery trade they start planing to defeat him. They start organizing a series of debates between Steven A Douglas candidate of Democrats and Abraham Lincoln Republican candidate. They organized seven debates between them. Abraham Lincon defeats Steven A Douglas and became President of America with 39.6 % votes on 6th November 1860. He was the 16th President of America.

Abraham Lincoln and the American Civil war: No one wants to abolish slavery accept Republican so opposition goes with there plan what they decided before election. As Lincoln win seven southern states leave the American Union and made CSA (Confederate State of America)Jefarson David was there leader. Later in 1861, four more states join CSA. Cotto goes to Britain so CSA requests help from Britisher. Britain decided to stand neutral. Abraham Lincoln take control of the navy, he used his union power imposed tariffs of those ships which ware coming from Britain. CSA refused to accept tariffs. CSA attack Fort Sumter in South Carolina on12 April 1861 and capture it. North send his army and the devastating Civil War began. After that, there was a series of the battle between the USA and CSA. Fort Henry battle 1862 USA win, Battle of Hampton 1862 was drawn. Abraham Lincoln give his emancipation proclamation in1863 he announces we will abolish the slave trade southern states refuse the proposal and some of his party members also conflict his decision, later they understand what he wants to do. Batel of Galesburg was fraught o July 1863 USA win the battel and Mr. President gives the historical Galesburg speech 2:30minute.

Abrahan Lincoln abolish Habish Corpasl. General Ulisses S Grant was so dangerous General when the enemy saw him they ran away from the battlefield because he was merciless and killed enemy without reason. He also became President of America. He starts his final campaign Atlanta to Savana around 300 miles he kills all of those who came in front of his army. He kills lakhs of people in this campaign. CSA General Lee and his force surrendered and the devastating civil war came to an end with the death of seven lacks people on 9th April 1865.

Abraham Lincoln introduced a constipation law if needed one of your family members joined the army for the fight.

The 13th amendment Act was introduced and the slave trade became illegal in the USA.

A great movie in 2012 by Steven Milburg ‘Lincoln’ is about the 13th amendment you can it. You will understand what problem Lincoln faces to pass the 13th amendment.

The 14th amendment in 1868 slave gets their citizenship. But they had not gated there voting rights The 15th amendment gave them voting rights.

Abraham Lincoln Dead: 9th April 1865 American Civil war came to an end. Many white Americans can’t accept the abolishing of the slave trade. One of them was the famous actor John Wilkes Booth. On 14th April 1865, Mr. Precident and his wife came to the Ford Theater to see a play. Here John Wilkes fired a shot in his back head. The next day 15th April 1865, the greatest president of Americal history was dead.

Legacy of Abraham Lincoln: The legacy of Abraham Lincoln is so great some of them are

1. Every politician in America wants to be like Abraham Lincoln.

2. An airport is also in his name Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport.

3. A university also in her name the University of Lincoln.

4. A museum was also in her name Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum.

5. His Hodgenville wooden cabin is now a historical and tourist place in America.

6. Abraham Lincoln’s historical Galesburg speech Of the people, by the people, for the people is the motto of the People Republic of India’s Institution (The Biggest Democracy in the earth).

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