Case Study of Mental Retardation in Patients

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Case No 5:

  • Name: F. R
  • Father’s name: M. R
  • Age: 19
  • Gender: Female
  • Religion: Islam
  • Address: Faisalabad
  • Birth order: 1st
  • Siblings: 4(2 brothers, 1 sister)
  • Marital Status: Unmarried
  • Education: 2nd Year
  • Father Alive/Dead: Alive
  • Mother Alive/Dead: Alive


The client's name is F.R. she is of 19 years and lives in Faisalabad and has studied till 2nd year. Her mother and father both are alive. She has 2 brothers and 1 sister and her birth order is 1stamong his siblings. She is unmarried and belongs to a middle-class family and lives in nuclear family system. She is in this school because of mental retardation from last 1 year. Her parents show too much cooperativeness with the school administration. They remain in contact with the school via phone calls and through PTM (parent-teacher meeting). This school is for special children, the child who is suffering from special case can get admission in this school. This is a governmental institution. The age criteria for a child to get admission in this school are below 20. in this school, there is no special quota for mentally retarded children. All types of students with special cases can get admission easily. They have trained teachers, and they try to rehabilitate the children using different methods like reading, writing, sketch drawing, and different curricular activities. The teachers and staff may experience many difficulties while teaching her because all her behavior depends on her mood because she reacts according to her mood. She cannot handle things normally as compared to the normal one. We can categorize her among the moderate students. According to the respondent she needs a very special care for rehabilitation because she is suffering from moderate mental retardation. Our little negligence can affect her rehabilitation process. And that will affect her future intentions also.

Critical analysis:

The respondent is suffering from mental retardation and is at the mild stage. There is less educational institution on government scale that are rehabilitating such students. They should provide a learning environment because students that are suffering from moderate level of mental retardation needs very special care as compared to the mild one.

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Case No 6:

  • Name: A.R
  • Father’s name: M.R
  • Age: 24
  • Gender: Male
  • Religion: Islam
  • Address: Faisalabad
  • Birth order: 5th
  • Siblings: 7(4 brothers, 2 sisters)
  • Marital Status: Unmarried
  • Education: MPhil
  • Father Alive/Dead: Dead
  • Mother Alive/Dead: Alive


A.R is of 24 years and lives in Faisalabad but residential is in Toba Tek Singh and has studied M.Phil. His mother is alive and father was dead. He has four brothers and two sisters and his birth order is 5th among his siblings. He is unmarried and belongs to a middle-class family and lives in nuclear family system.

The client has studied in (Toba Tek Singh) Chak No 316 GB, till matriculation. Then he completed his FSc in National Group of Colleges, Toba Tek Singh, and completed his BSc from Post Graduate College of Science Samnabad Faisalabad. After this, he completed his MSc and M.Phil. from University of Agriculture Faisalabad.

He starts smoking in age of 19 years when he was studying in BSC. He smokes sometimes whenever there is a gathering of his close friends otherwise he does not smoke.

A.R was wearing neat and clean clothes during interview. His overall appearance was good and he showed good manners throughout the time. He is very interested in telling about his problem. He seemed relaxed throughout the time.

According to BAI- the patient score was 16 and it shows that he has mild anxiety. That is why he gat admitted in this institution. He is possessive about his future that is why he is getting higher education. He is a mature one that’s why his parent doesn’t seemed possessive regarding his Mental retardation. He himself cares about him and trying to overcome the problem he is facing. As early mentioned that he is getting higher education that’s why in this institution he seems serious for his own rehabilitation. So teachers or administrations have not to worry about him. After applying different scales, they came to know that he is on mild stage of anxiety. The school has trained teachers and as well as travelling facility for their students.

Critical analysis:

The client A.R is 24 years old and is getting higher education. He is suffering from mental retardation and, after checking her mental level we came to know that he is on mild stage. His case is no too much serious. He acts as the normal one. Student like him needs courageous behavior from the family, society, peer group, etc. the students like him want to rehabilitate themselves. They understand everything very well.

Case No 7:

  • Name: A.R
  • Father’s name: M.I
  • Age: 16
  • Gender: Male
  • Religion: Islam
  • Address: Faisalabad
  • Birth order: 2th
  • Siblings: 2(2brothers, 0 sisters)
  • Marital Status: Unmarried
  • Education: 5th class
  • Social economic status; middle
  • Father Alive/Dead: alive
  • Mother Alive/Dead: Alive


The client's name is A.R. He is of 16 years and lives in Faisalabad. His birth order is 2nd. He has one 1brother. He belongs to a middle-class family. the relationship with his siblings at home and friends at school is normal. Child behavior during sessions is cooperative. at the start of session, the child was feeling some hesitation but after report building, child's behavior become friendly, and answering good. He has speech-related issues such as difficulty in producing words. Child has difficulty in walking, speech is not clear. And sometimes overtly aggressive. Child delivery was normal. After birth problem was started, hypoxia (deficiency of oxygen) at the time of birth. History of developmental milestones was, neck holding at the age of 4 months, crawl at the age of 10 months, sitting at the age of 8 months, stand 15th month, walking at 15 months, first word 7 months.

Human figure drawing is an emotional indicator which shows that the child has overtly aggressive, regression due to serious emotional disturbance, big head shows the physical weakness acting out behavior, compensatory behavior feeling of inadequacy, difficulty in making contact with others, anxiety.

According to our respondent, the child seems to be rehabilitating on very good scale because by studying his whole history, we analyze that the result is good. According to the respondent, it’s because of his intention and the hard work of the school administration, and the cooperation of her parents. His parents always remained get in touch with his progress report through PTM and on phone calls also. The school teachers are well trained and are hardworking also. By doing different activities they try to rehabilitate the children suffering from mental retardation. Following are the recommendations that are recommended for his rehabilitation.


  1. Social and cognitive therapy
  2. Behavioral therapy
  3. Speech therapy

Critical Analysis:

The students like A.R that are suffering from mental retardation can rehabilitate with a little effort, by giving a quality time to him and teaching and training on regular basis we can make them as normal one. The thing they need from us is special attention and special care. The negligence from the society and mental torture can make them more disabled mentally. He should rehabilitate through recommended therapies like social and cognitive therapy, behavioral therapy, and speech therapy.

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