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The true story of an unwanted daughter Chinese Cinderella is the personal novel of Adeline Yen Mah. Adeline Yen Mah’s life was full of family rejection, poor relationships, abandonment, loneliness, low self-esteem, no identity, sorrow, disappointment, and resilience. The hopeless diary of Adeline Yen Mah's childhood encountering youth and entering her fight for affirmation from the time she was bound to the age of fourteen during the 1940s and 1950s, a battle of acknowledgment. All through this discouraging novel the subjects of family and connections abandonment depression and self-regard are investigated inside this content. Family and connections a noteworthy topics in the distributed novel Chinese Cinderella. Adeline was accused of her mum’s demise. Hence her kin dislikes her and has consistently felt like she doesn’t have a place in the Yen Mah family.

In 1941, being born as a female in a Chinese family was seen as unfavorable. “Chinese parents still prefer sons”. Adeline was born as an atrocious curse as her mother passed soon after she was born. “If you had not been born Mama would still be alive. She died because of you. You are bad luck.” Adeline since her youthful age has been scarcely recognized and once in a while refreshing by her family.

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She takes a stab at school to win her dad's consideration. For example, “I was winning the medal every week and wearing it constantly … It was the only way to make Father take notice of me.”, this statement demonstrates that Adeline frantically needs a better-than-average connection between her dad and herself. Adeline discovers that trying sincerely and accomplishing objectives will improve her odds for her dad seeing her for once, Aunt Baba and her school peers have a great connection with Adeline. Furthermore, her big sister was jealous of Adeline and the medal. Her big sister cried and slapped her “You are stupid! And you don’t deserve to wear this!”. While Adeline makes the most of her talent she is treated with contempt and disadvantage.

As Adeline was growing up she was expected to understand the importance of being truthful and loyal, doing the best, being happy with simple things in life, and trying hard enough to prove your worth. Nonetheless, she was still neglected, unloved, abused, and bullied. “Continue studying hard and bringing honor to the Yen family name so we can be proud of you.”, also, “As soon as I heard Aunt Baba’s footsteps, I started feeling better immediately.”, these two sentences indicate that Adeline feels that Aunt Baba and herself are close and has a solid relationship that urges Adeline to feel better and acknowledges her. The first quote shows that Adeline’s family always expects more from her than what she can do. In that capacity, while Adeline has a positive bond with Aunt Baba her family associations with her dad and kin are poor. Adeline was always so joyful when Aunt Baba was around, Adeline has a real connection with Aunt Baba, on the other hand, there is her father.

Adeline’s father is happy for her, but only when he can be. Father is a loving parent to Adeline when they are alone but when Niang is near his mood changes to a tough adult, Father is intimidated by Niang and her orders. “She treats me like a leaper, and I know she doesn't like me…I’m nothing. Less than nothing. A piece of garbage to be thrown out”. Adeline’s struggle as a stepdaughter is shown as depressing. She feels worthless and ugly, responsible for misfortune, and resentful for simply being around. Anxiety increased every day and she wished she could disappear. Subsequently, Adeline will find it hard to fall asleep and also wet the bed.

Deserting and dejection are shown in Adeline’s young excursion. Adeline regularly gets a handle on the left of things with her family and rather than accomplishing their endorsement for her school exertion she gets their disdain. Her fellowship with her pet duck PLT best shows Adeline’s sentiments of disconnection and depression. “I took the duckling to my heart … it comforted me to know I was needed.”, this statement mirrors her sentiments of being cherished and alright for once in her initial life and it is acceptable to realize that somebody will recall her and hear her out faculties and thoughts.

Consequently, Father was generally significant in Adeline’s adolescence yet he generally would discover some way without knowing to cause Adeline to feel dishonourable. As a result, she felt unwanted and unloved. Her father didn’t remember her name “I’m afraid I’ve forgotten your Chinese name”. She felt small and not good enough.

“One by one they were greeted and led away by anxious mothers. Nobody came for me.” Hence the merciless record of when father neglected to get helpless eight-year-old Adeline on her first day at her new school. To aggravate it even he overlooked his own little girl’s name straight after this unpleasant and frightening circumstance. The creator utilizes these occasions to introduce the surrender and dejection she felt inside her family. Adeline was abandoned and forgotten at school, she was never included in family outings. She felt guilty though she’s done nothing wrong, but to exist.

Although Adeline felt a special closeness to her friends, she was never able to openly confide in them anything about her family. “You are not allowed to enter any of the rooms on our floor without permission”. She was ordered what to do and where to not go. One time, Adeline spoke her thoughts “Don’t beat her anymore. She is only a baby!”. The outcome was rough. She hated herself as no one cared. Adeline had to keep her hair short, straight, and out-fashioned. She was given no pocket money, not even the tram fare to go to school, yet Niang’s children could do whatever they wanted. Due to this, her life was completely disadvantaged and full of struggles.

All through this disheartening novel the subjects of family and associations surrender and gloom and self-respect are researched inside this substance. Family and associations an essential themes in the circulated novel Chinese Cinderella. This tragic story is of a young Chinese young lady who is disliked and undesirable during her childhood life by her own family. She lived in a big house, full of people but felt lonely and she couldn’t wait to grow up and get away. As a result, Adeline’s struggles in life are expressed with extreme sadness.

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