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This research showed some major distinguishers between the differences of the genders brain. It’s obviously no secret when it comes to male and female brains, which each gender brains drives differently. Each gender appears to use different part of the brain to encode any memories. Moreover, they also have different way of react through any location, and behave differently in stressed situation. Both gender are equal in intelligent, but they tend to operate differently.

“Life is not a competition between men and women, it is a collaboration” by David Fernhead. In this research, it is reviewed of how the male brain function differently from a female brain. Not by which has better purpose than the other, but how perform equally well. On the other hand, male and female have different ability, strength, and weakness that operate through their brain. Therefore, this research may play a role in learning processes, and discover the different appearance of the gender brain.

At some point, there’s a great result of how gender has difference of brain, and how they operate differently. As research stated that men and women are different in many ways, which includes difference function of the brain. These differences include unusual behavior, changes of emotion, and different interaction of each gender. Although the brains of men and women are highly similar, they show dependable differences that have important suggestion for each gender. Somehow, research shown that “man and women have different fuel flavors running through their tanks” (Jantz, 2019). Which it reveal some of the major transformation between male and female brain. Within those major areas, it simply tells the different of how male and female activate their brain. Therefore, these are the major difference of the gender’s brain: processing, chemistry, structure, and activity.

It appears that men and women have different ways of how their brain operate, such as storing memories, recognizing faces, and make decisions. In addition each genders brain develop in different ways. For instance, “Men’s brain tend to be more lateralized” (THREE, 2018), which they operate more freely during specific task like speaking around ones environment. Women on the other hand, “tend to use their cerebral and hemispheres more equally” (Jantz, 2019). In addition, female are more advance on measures of sensory and thinking development, such as vision, memory and hearing. On the other hand, male eventually catch in many of these areas by out-perform female with such cognitive skills.

Furthermore, women, on the other hand, have more comfort in language skills, as they are known to be more communicative to men. In fact they’re temporal and frontal lobes are larger, which handles the sense of sound and emotion. With female having large frontal and temporal lobes, which makes them feel a whole variety of emotions and pain. In addition, women tend to express their pain through anxiety, but men express themselves physically. As with all gender differences, no person way of doing is better or worse.

According to research, “This profound brain-processing difference is probably one reason you may have noticed that girls tend to be more quickly transition between tasks than boys do. The gray-white matter difference may explain why, in adulthood, females are great multi-tuskers, while men excel in highly task-focused projects” (Natri, 2019). Not only males tend to be less inclined to sit still, but also females tend be more impulsive and aggressive. Moreover, studies shown that “to process information, males tend to use their left hemisphere of the brain while females are more capable at using both the hemisphere” (THREE, 2018). Which basically female are capable of controlling the motion, and able to perform any logic task more than male.

“Men tend to have larger inferior-parietal lobe that is believed to influence arithmetical ability than females. The areas of the brain that regulate math and geometry skills tend to be mature in boys four years earlier than in girls” (Term, 2019). On the other hand, male has great ability of learning mathematical ability, and obtain thinking skills on numbers. Also, women have larger hippocampus than man, a type of brain feature that makes women more efficient, compare to a painstaking man. However, men’s has the best mind of visualizing objects, and they are able to picture it in different angles.

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“The adult human brain weighs on average about 3lb (1.5 kg) with a size of around 1130 cm3 in women and 1260 cm3 in men although there is substantial individual variation. Male brains are about 10% larger than female brains and weigh 11-12% more than that of a woman. Men's heads are also about 2% bigger than women's” (Zaidi, 2010).

Structural differences are one of the major points that related to the genders brain. Each part of their brain has different sizes, “male brains are about 10% larger than female brains and weigh 11-12% more than that of a woman. Men's heads are also about 2% bigger than women's. This is due to the larger physical stature of men” (Uddin, 2018). It simply review that men’s with all ages have larger brains than women, going along with their larger bodies. Nonetheless, research shown that female managed to have thicker cortices than men.

Within the gender of the brain, each of them has different hypothalamus, which is a small region of the brain. This region of the brain plays an important role in each of the gender brain. In this case, “Hypothalamus, where most of the basic functions of life are controlled, including hormonal activity, pituitary gland, which it also gender differences” (Zaidi, 2010). In other words, each gender has different ways of controlling their emotion, such as pleasure and rage. In addition, each gender hypothalamus has different ways to control their sleep, hunger, and body temperature. Whereas, this function of the brain makes male and female different from how they interact in certain location.

Furthermore, male and female both have different type of activity that they apply, or perform in any task. In other words “there are plenty of boys with excellent verbal skills, and girls with excellent visual-spatial ability” (THREE, 2018). Which it’s simply reveal the different ability that each gender posses. As research stated, “males scored significantly higher than females on personal self and self-satisfaction, but females scored higher than males on behavioral conduct, moral-ethical, and self-esteem” (Zaidi, 2010). Additionally, men’s of all ages tend to perform great task like mental rotation better than women. Which female on the other hand, tend to perform verbal task and identifying emotional expression from another person.

Indeed, men tend to have more ease in math, due to the fact of male having larger parietal lobe. On the other hand, parietal lobe involves with perception and sensory experience. In addition, it is the region where male controls math, geometry skills and visual observation. It’s divided in two regions, the part that manages sensations and perceptions and the part that manages sensory information, mostly with the graphic, and picturing imagination. Also, they are able to envision any creativity through different angles.

“Studies have showed both that areas of the brain associated with language, work harder in girls than in boys during language tasks. Also, that boys and girls rely on different parts of the brain when performing these tasks” (Zaidi, 2010). In other words, the brain of a female has great verbal skills language, while male has fewer skills. Moreover, Women think with white matter, which it consist connection with neurons. Within that connection, women’s brain tends to work faster than men.

Both genders have different ways of accessing different sections of the brain. Even when it comes setting goals, men rely on just one small area on the left side of the brain to focus on their goals. Except, women of all ages used areas in both sides of the brain. However, both gender have the same mindset when they focus on their goals. Whereas, there is more than one way for the brain of each gender arrives at the same result.

In conclusion, understanding gender differences of the brain open the door to greater understanding. Not only by telling the difference of how each genders brainwork, but also the way they process it. It also helps out teachers as a way to easily cooperate with boys and girls, because we all have different brain function. In addition, “life is not a competition between men and women, it is a collaboration”, David Fernhead. In other ways, it helps each gender cooperate in ways to work their brain. Therefore, these are the major areas of the different gender’brain: processing, chemistry, structure, and activity.

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