Corruption in India: An Essay

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As we live in this present scenario which is infused with various social evils which has become the maxim of the day and deters various socio-economic development. Among these social evils the most dreaded evil which is visible throughout the globe is corruption. The corruption which is not conducive to social stability and social equilibrium.

Bhargava says that, “act of commission or omission by a public servant for securing pecuniary or other material advantage or indirectly for himself, his family or friends is corruption”. This menace has not prevalent everywhere, it has innumerable forms and dimensions. With the passage of time corruption in India has become a convention, a tradition, psychological need, socio-etiquette, a taboo and necessity, it is considered as a very heinous root of evil in our society. There is not a single person who rests aloof from this menace one way or other way as Kholi says, that deceiving or betraying is corruption, mismanaging of public or private funds is corruption, undue use of force or power is corruption. Corruption is a driving force and part of national character.

Corruption has been with the Indians since the mythological times and is found in every walk of life. ‘The Far Eastern Economic Review’ has called corruption the ‘Asian lubricant’, it says: “Like the gods and goddesses who abound in Asia (of course in India too) each with many faces, many hands, and many names, corruption has diverse aspects and numerous ingenious ways of extorting an illegal ‘luck’ corruption in Indian public life is all spreading and spread throughout, permeative the like”.

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Corruption is like an addictive tool which molds the individual to full fill his selfish ends, and has very deep roots in the country. We have seen many causes of corruption which has been evidently known. Economic insecurity is regarded as the most important cause of corruption by which poor people become corrupt in the hope of becoming rich, same as another cause the system of democracy in India also contributes to corruption like in elections all ruling party spend crores of rupees on each election. The very presence of black money is one of the main sources of corruption.

Corruption and organized crime, white collar crime and political crimes very often go together. Corruption provides space for organized crime. Organized crimes are normally committed by comparatively rich and high-status people in society. Organized crime, thus can be viewed as “the extension of legitimate market activities into areas normally prescribed for the pursuit of profit and in response to latent illicit demands”. Political corruption is the main motivating factor for organized crime in the modern societies. Elliot and Merril have rightly observed that political corruption and organized crimes are so closely related that one can’t be considered without the other. Other white-collar crimes account for enough violations of law. By comparison, the instances of white-collar crimes are more than the conventional types of crimes such as theft, burglary, arson, loot, murder, kidnapping etc. As in Sutherland, “white-collar crime is a crime committed by a person of respectability and high social status in course of his occupation”. According to Sayre, white-collar crimes can be called ‘public welfare offences’. He has distinguished such crimes into various kinds which may be noted here: illegal sale of intoxicating liquor, sale of impure or adulterated food or drugs, sale of misbranded articles, criminal nuisances etc. Hence, the tool to prevent this menace is the Santaram Committee on Prevention of Corruption, set up by the central government in 1964. Corruption cannot be eliminated or even satisfactorily reduced unless preventive measures are planned and implemented in a systematic and effective manner. Preventive action must include administrative, legal, social, economic, and educative measures. The above said committee recommended the several measures which may hamper the range of corruption. In order to eradicate its seeds, the government has undertaken some initiatives like the Prevention of Corruption Act 1947, but unfortunately it has failed its strength as the corruption has increased out of all in its dimensions.

So, on the whole we have seen the symptoms of corruption on the one way and by the another, and is spread widely through the world and has taken the shape of socio-infection in this present environment and has become contagious and is as dangerous as Ebola, which tends to instability, chaos and fetters in progress of man’s domain. So, to speak widely about this social evil we should conduct associations, programs, awareness campaigns and should aware the common subjects to keep apart them from this evil. If we find success in the eradication of this undesirable bolt of society, then that may recall once again the wheel of progress which have been fully stopped structurally till now.


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