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Effect of Online News on Teenagers: Analytical Essay

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In the past few years, online news starts to become a trend for people getting information in mainland China, but how can we tell some news that appears on online are reliable? Where reliability became the major concern of news. This essay will investigate more on the impact of online news, and how does it cause.

This essay is going to study the effects of online news culture to teenagers, it is valid for study, because at the modern society, it is not only important to read news every day but read the right news that is reliable and truly happened in the society will be more important. As a world, that information is spread out all around the world through the internet, online news is one of the major ways to get information.

But recently, there is a phenomenon happens all around the world, which people produce false stories and presented out as being factually accurate, and we call it “Fake News”. “Fake news” is a major issue, which makes teenager in China misunderstood different cases and can not determine what is right and wrong. This type of phenomenon makes me curious about why will people trust on “Fake News” and what can be the benefits of spreading “fake news”? With the development of internet and technology, more and more people are able to access the internet and read online news, unlike 20 years ago, where people can only get information through the newspaper. The exist of internet brings information for more and more people to know what’s happening around the world, but through the increase of number on accessing internet, “Fake news“ can still exist and spread out all around the world, whether for junior readers or educated readers, and I am getting more and more chance to use the news on the internet as the resources of my study, therefore it is important not only for me but also for teenagers in China, which will help me to have a better understanding of news while researching.

“Fake news” has a large influence especially for the teenagers that is too young and immature to determine the truth while bringing mental damage to the teenagers, and it also brings, negative impact on healthy growth on the teenagers. Even though people have realized how serious is the harm of fake news, but there is always news happened that is able to attract people, and overflow the wrong message around the society.

The methodology of investigation of this topic is that this essay will include primary and secondary resources to investigate teenage’s perspective on different types of news. And mainly categorise media into two types of the group; 1. tradition news company and state media & 2. Media from APPs. investigate on same case of news and see how the online news that created the tradition news company and the website news that we see through APPs and website affect the validity of the news, comparing the similarities and differences and makes a conclusion on the common characteristics of “Fake News” and the way that how media present it into a “fake news“.

Through my study of this essay, it will be looking at the effect of media effect on online news on a teenager living in China on their view, and see whether the news is valid or not, and how to determine validity news.

Body 1:

Traditional news companies and state media are those starts to publish the news on the long times ago, which reading news is the only way to get the information E.g (CCTV,, BBC). Most of the news is created by those tradition news company and is relatively reliable.

But there are also some cases that the media turns the information into incorrect information and creates “Fake news“. In the new “Where is the waste oil gone? Discover the black chain of the waste oil.” Which published by People's network, and is developed by People's Daily and owned by the government. This news is about a journalist exposing the black chain of the waste oil, but the journalist made a mistake, he reported the wrong factory that is using waste oil, which he reported a very famous factory that produces “JingLongYu” oil and is commonly used in China. The effect of the cases is that people stop using “JingLongYu” and the company lost a lot of budget on clarifying their product, as a result, it brings a negative impact for teenage, where they are the concern for their health by having “JingLongYu” oil every day before the news is released.

In addition, the news published by the not only affect their credibility in media, at the same time, it also increases the concern to the teenagers.

Nowadays, the internet has a great impact on teenagers and their time are mainly occupied by the use on the internet, as well as the news released by the media is also indispensable for them. Like the 'Jing Long Yu' incident, the problem may lead the communication and interaction between teenagers and their family members become worse and worse, and even cause an argument of using oil that is released on the news. Moreover, the interpersonal relationship between teenagers and their family might become increasingly apartness, which might reduce the efficiency of studying and having activity from teenagers. Deal to the news attraction of the media for teenagers is so catchy that some of the teenagers might even discuss with their classmates about the news around them for the afternoon. If this happens again, gradually they may not know what news is real and what is fake.

If the same rumour spreads repeatedly through the internet, especially spreads out in social media which most of the parents and teenagers will visit, men by men, as a result, more and more people will start to believe it even though it's fake. Within a short period of time, there will start a trend which influences the view on society, which people might be questioning on a similar product that appears on the market and forms a strong pressure on public and affect enterprises and companies lost of consumers trust on market, and creates a vicious circle.

Body 2:

Media from apps and website news are those media that appears recently in a tabloid-style E.g(Tomo News, Yahoo News, Tencent News), part of the website news is unconfirmed and produced to cheat for click rate, and through the observations for recent, the common characteristic is that;

  • It’s interesting and able to catch people’s curiosity
  • It’s happened in a period that one breaking news happened.

The media used some wording that is easy to confuse the audiences.

Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant in Japan is an accident happens on March 11, 2011, and directly caused a tsunami following and the Tōhoku earthquake. During the period, there was a map released by the media, introducing the effect of the nuclear explosion on the Pacific ocean.

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Figure 1: A NOAA map of Pollution of the world after Nuclear Exploration in Fukushima

As we can identify, the black spot on the upper left corner is the place where Fukushima nuclear plant explodes, and the red, orange, yellow colours are the pollutants and radioactive spread out through this disaster.

The map was illustrated by the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), and NOAA is a government agency in the United States that mainly focused on the conditions of the oceans. Through the presentation from NOAA, the map looks pretty reliable. After a few types of research, the map is actually related to the case of Fukushima explosions, but the map has shown the hight of the tsunami wave height, not the radiation leakage levels of the explosion. In addition, the media ‘repack’ the map and released on the media, claiming that it is a ‘Radioactive Water Leak Chart’.

Even though the map was shown with a lack of details E.g (what the colour stands for and location), but there are still people willing to believe the media that it’s true. According to a Stanford Study finds, nearly four out of ten high-school students believed, the map of Pollution of the world after Fukushima is truth based on the headline and the photo, even though no sources are supporting the news, they still believe it.

Moreover, with the forwarding through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Weixin. There are media in China directly paste the map and claims the exact same message from the western, claiming it’s the nuclear pollutions after the incident. With several types of media release the wrong messages through different platforms, more and more people spread the wrong information to the people around them, especially in the teenage group, it indirectly affects the mindset in teenagers which is Japan is fully polluted by the radiation through that incident and affect the view on society as well as the cognitive development in Japan, with fewer travellers to Japan, people might lose their job and slow down the development in Japan. As a result, it will bring negative impact on psychological quality and society from a teenager's perspective.

Body 3:

As we know MH370 is the aircraft that lost contact, it was a breaking news during 2014, most of the media are spreading news that is difficult to determine the reliability. Headline E.g ‘Vietnamese found the lost passenger aircraft signal?’ ‘Chinese Boeing President found the MH370?’ are frequently appeared in media.

Since most of the news are not been provided, also the details are limited and unreliable. So we can not blindly believe the news on the internet, we should read it carefully, because wordings like “on-site”, which MH370 does not find an on-site, but through different correction and update, the fake news become more trustable.

After years of investigation, Malaysia Airlines Flight has released a final report on MH370, unfortunately, the flight are still not yet found. With this report, we can clearly identify that all the news related to the MH370 has been found are unreliable.


As the teenager, they should always be careful, and do not blindly believe all the news that happened on the internet, think with evidence, and consider the logistic behind it.

As the Government perspective, setting law to ban the fake news, prevent fake news to affect the social order and always provide the vitrified news to the public through media, so that the negative impact of online news can be limited.


To conclude on both types of the news company, Most of the traditional news company that owned by the government has a higher credit than the media, but for those media owns website news, published more unconfirmed news with less reliable news and produce attractive titles for cheat for click rate. Especially, recent there is a frequent phenomenon for both types of company, they create a very attractive headline, but when you really click on it, the contents are not related to headline that attracts people.

As teenagers although we can learn new knowledge and discover more about the world through knowledge. But it will generate negative emotions, and affect social stability, as well as the view on society by reading fake news and spreading out from a teenager.

Most of the news released might be a biased deal to different perspective, but as a teenager, we should always be careful and do not blindly believe all the news that happened on the internet.

As a result, in order to minimize the effect on online news, when we are reading the news, we should check is the news been approved with evidence, as well as the pictures included in the news, is it provided by a professional agency or not.

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