Engineering and Its Marvels

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Humans are social beings; they have been on this planet for the past 2.5 billion years. They have been adapting to the conditions which has helped them survive. With this, humans have been very curious and innovative animals. Along with completing their basic needs, they have been inventing things for the past many years. They have built things which are hard to imagine and were ahead of their time. This fondness of inventing things has been in us since early ages, as inventions such as the wheel which was revolutionary. Then come 'marvels', which are something one can’t imagine can be done. Humans have been creating marvels and constantly improving them as per requirement and time. Engineering marvel is a creation that makes the viewers awestruck and in wonder. Marvels also help in making human life easier. These include anything like bridges, buildings, sky-scrapers or anything which helps in making life easier. Different engineering marvels have their importance in different fields.

Humans have been accomplishing these feats because of advancing technology and the hunger to reach new heights in their fields. There are many examples which support this statement, 30 years ago no one imagined to live on the sea and in 2001, engineering made it possible in Dubai. This was a huge accomplishment as this was never done before. Approximately 100 years ago no one imagined to travel in an airplane and 50 years later after the first flight an engineering marvel was created. In the year 1969 Boeing built the 747 which could carry 400 passengers, this was something no one imagined. Every field has their own marvel which has revolutionized it.

The Burj Khalifa in Dubai, is the tallest building in the world at 848 meters tall. This was not a requirement but just a show of use of technology and show the world what we humans have achieved in a short period of time after modernization. 100 years back people travelled in trains which reached a maximum speed of 50 miles per hour and now we have trains that have a top speed of 225 miles per hour.

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Engineering marvels should be built keeping in mind the effect on people because in the end we are the ones who are going to use the thing. There would be no use of a thing which would cost so much and not give the desired results. Let’s take an example, the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world is something everyone visits when they visit Dubai, but people overlook the cost which was incurred in constructing it. It affected the economy of Dubai with no major use, other than offices and tourist spot. Such things have to be kept in mind, as some marvels lose their attractiveness as people don't feel its importance.

Engineers constantly try to make inaccessible places accessible by making bridges, tunnels which help people reach the places. There are many instances where these engineering marvels fail to deliver. Humans have always exploited nature to meet their own demands, which will not affect them in short time period but will affect them in a long run.

So, we can conclude that engineering marvels have been a proof of how capable humans are and what we can achieve. Every accomplishment sets a benchmark which is further overcome by us only.

We have advanced so much in a very short time that the level of these marvels will only improve in the coming years. In the end we can say engineering marvels have brought a huge change in this world, it has helped us people in many ways but we should be careful, because excessive of everything is dangerous and at one point it will show its negative effect, either by affecting us directly or our nature.

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