Essay about My Favorite Book

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Musings of a Teenager: My favorite book

Reading is my favorite pastime. Right from my childhood books have been my best friend. I feel books are dependable and are always there sitting where we last left them waiting for us to pick them up. They provide us with a secret getaway when we want to be alone in a room full of people. They can make us smile even when we have had the saddest kind of day. They share their story with you, slowly but surely pulling us out of our own world into their own.

A book titillates us with its unexpected twists and turns. It’s a rollercoaster ride that the author takes us on. With every page, we are sucked into the make-believe world of the author. We are no longer ourselves. We begin to see ourselves as the character in the book. we live or her life. Books compel us to get out of our skin and into the skin of the different characters in them. We share the character’s triumphs - his joys, his defeats.

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While in school I never felt lonely in my house when my parents were away at work as my house was always full of books. They were a magic world all my own just at the turn of a page. My first book was ‘Netfunder’ which was a monthly children’s magazine that was eagerly awaited. It was full of riddles, puzzles, jokes, stories, facts, and features. I enjoyed reading it. My summer vacations were spent reading the orphaned boy wizard Harry Potter. The book was riveting and made me believe that the forces of good will always triumph over evil. Then there were Roald dahl’s books Ruskin bond Rudyard Kipling and all of sir Conan Doyle's sherlock holmes. Out of all these, my favorite book is Ravi Subramanian in the name of god. Reuben Shibu

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