Essay about School Dropout, Its Causes and Consequences

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From a historical point of view, early school leaving is an important theme in our societies. Indeed, although there are prevention campaigns against dropping out, some studies highlight the fact that school dropout rates have increased (Bong & Skaalvik, 2003). Societies are changing, children's compulsory schooling has been extended, and full employment is no longer available. All these elements make school dropout an important issue from now on.

To begin with, it is obvious but important to note that dropping out of school is a potentially traumatic event for an individual. But this is also the case for the family. Several studies show that dropping out of school has economic or health consequences (Doll, Eslami & Walters, 2013). At this point in time, we can ask ourselves if dropping out of school is a cause or a consequence. Well, some studies tend to show that school dropout is clearly influenced by social conditions, the environment in which the individual lives, but also the political context (Wood and al., 2017). This does not mean that the context fully explains the dropout, but it contributes to it. It is impossible to deny that there are also academic factors that have an impact on the decision to stop school. It is already clear that early school leaving is a slow process whose end is the total cessation of classes without obtaining a diploma. In other words, some authors show that repeated and significant stressors can influence this mechanism.

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It is interesting to note that some studies show that boys are more concerned about dropping out of school than girls (Tamer, 2014).

School dropout has no cause. There are several factors that can influence dropout. Some factors seem logical to us, such as disinterest in the course in question, and daily problems, but the most significant effect would be that of peers.

Other authors focus on the effect of stress on quitting. Indeed, a student's repeated confrontation with stress could lead to dropping out (Samuel & Burger, 2019). Stress can also be manifested in many events.

In response to this, an essential element that can prevent school dropout is social support. There are two types of social support. The one perceived and the one received. This is important because the individual will receive some help that is not the same as the support of fact. Although it is not fully known if this has an effect on dropping out, it is still important because it provides clues as to the origin of the intention to drop out of school.

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