Suicide, Divorce and School Dropouts as Severe Consequences of Domestic Violence

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According to Oxford Dictionary domestic violence is any behavior, which is used to gain power and control over a spouse, partner, girl/ boyfriend, or intimate family member. Atkin (1998) posited that domestic violence can manifest itself in different forms such as physical abuse, sexual abuse, emotional abuse, intimidation and isolation and so on. Therefore, anyone can recognize that the consequences of domestic violence can be detrimental to any man, child or women since it can manifest itself into many forms. It is imperative that every human being note carefully that domestic violence contributes significantly towards suicide, divorce, and school dropouts.

Firstly, domestic violence is one of the most prevalent factors in many countries that contribute towards suicide. Webster’s Dictionary defined suicide as the act of intentionally taking one’s own life. With reference to the Guyana Chronicle Newspaper dated 28th of March, 2017, a mother of three took her own life by consuming a poisonous substance. When the relatives of the victim were interviewed by reporters, it was revealed that the victim was constantly being physically and verbally abused by her husband. A survey in India done by the World Health Organization would have also revealed that many women in several villages would have attempt or commit suicide because they were constantly abuse by their spouse. Also, Balogun Osunbiyi, president and co-founder of the Guyana Psychological Association, and a government psychologist agrees with the assessment of the National Suicide Prevention Plan issued by the Ministry of Health, identifying domestic violence, pervasive stigma about mental illness, and access to lethal chemicals, alcohol misuse, poverty, family dysfunction and insufficient mental health resources as key factors in suicide. All in all, when researchers examine the causes of suicide, it has been revealed that domestic violence is one of the key factors that causes person to take their own life. Therefore, we can clearly understand the consequences of domestic violence. If domestic violence is a leading cause for the act of suicide, then why our folks continue to get involves in this devastated act regularly?

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In addition, divorce is another severe consequence of domestic violence. According to Cambridge English Dictionary divorce is an official or legal process to end a marriage. On many instances reports are surfaced in newspaper, social media, Internet and other means of communication stating persons who would have ended their marriage after several years. For instance, statistician Rabindra Rooplall revealed that statistic would have shown that the number of divorce cases has climbed in 2011 with 1288 matters compared to 1269 cases in 2010. He also pointed out that cases tend to increase year after year. These persons do not really prefer to end their marriage. They end it because of factors they refuse to endure any longer. Reports coming out of Help and Shelter in 2013 reveals that violence against women are the leading cause of divorce in Guyana. For many divorce solicitors, this therefore means that some of the clients are victims of domestic violence but may not openly speak about it. According to Refuge 2017 statistics report, one in every four women in England and Wales experience domestic violence in their lifetime, where as for the men it is one in every six of them experience domestic violence in their lifetime which then reached the courts for resolution. So, with this evidence, one can be convinced that domestic violence is a key factor to divorce.

Furthermore, dropping out of school is one of the reported effects of domestic violence. With reference to Collins Dictionary School, a drop-out is defined as someone who withdraws from school before having reached the legal age to do so. Respondents from the Duke University, a private university in the United States, reported that violence like withholding financial support, such as not providing school fees, uniforms and other essential things, may force the victimized child to drop out of school. Findings from the Duke University a private university in the United States of America revealed that domestic violence inflicts harm on children such as emotional, psychological harm, physical pain and low self-esteem, which impact the child learning systems, thereby influencing a child to lose interest in education, arrive late at school, being absent from school and hence, dropout of school. Also in Africa, Franciscah Kithang, principal of Katangi Girls High School in Africa, states that analysis done in several schools in Africa concluded that 43.3% school dropouts are due to domestic violence. In 2013, the Chief Education Officer, Mr. Olato Sam, at an interview on National Television Network posited that many students drop out of school before the age of fifteen and choose to work because they are either being neglected at home, have to stay away from school regularly to work in farm or vend in the market or physically abused by parents.

In concluding, I am completely convinced that persons who are experiencing domestic violence should immediately seek assistance where ever possible since domestic violence contributes extremely towards persons taking their own lives, truancy, and many women are left alone to take care of their families.

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