Essay on AI Robot in Digital Age

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AI robot is a significant application in the digitizing. It will offer a lot of help in people’s future life. These two effects of AI robot technology in the future are help people in daily life and do things that people cannot do.

The first effect of AI robot technology is to help people in daily life. Robot program is very complex. For example, SAP is used for finance, and Moodle is used as a learning management system, but the two systems are completely disconnected. This requires people to enter information into multiple systems and try to maintain consistency. However, this work is very simple and tedious. In the future, because of computer technology and digitizing reality, AI robots will easy to know what people need without command. According to Robotic Process Automation (2018), using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), this can be done in a fairly powerful way. For example, when the web interface of some applications changes, the RPA agent should continue to work. The use of AI/ML helps to explain the changing interface, making it very different from traditional 'screen capture' (also known as 'web crawling' or 'web collection'). AI/ ML can also mimic human behavior by combining different applications (solutions). The automation process does not need people to key in the data. AI robots will already know their work and do it by themselves. That means people will easy to get help from a robot. If they need help, in the digitizing century, they also can use their smartphone to ask for help. Therefore, in the future digitizing century, the AI robot will be the best helper for everyone.

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The second effect of AI robot technology is doing things that people cannot do. As stated in 'Humanoid Explorer Robot: Design and Fabrication’ (2018), in modern times, people have to go to places for various reasons. Humanoid robots and robots are particularly helpful in studying unknown terrain because they provide the information we need without much consequences. The robot does not as weak as people, they can do a lot of things that people cannot do. For example, the Mars Exploration Vehicle is an application in the AI robot. The most famous Mars Exploration Vehicle is the United States’ MER mission Now the United States has successfully landed a lot of robotic systems on the surface of Mars. With the automation program, they work on the mars every day and transfer so much data to people. It shows a way that use AI robot to replace people in dangerous and hard work. According to ‘Benefits of Robotic Process Automation’ (2017), it states that the application of robot is just a beginning. In other way, the robotic surgery is also in the fast development. ‘Can I Make Robotic Surgery Make Sense in My Practice?’ (2017) reports that over the past 10 years, robotic technology has had a significant impact on minimally invasive surgery. Because plastic surgery is rooted in ‘open’ techniques, robotic applications in the specialty have been slow to emerge. That said, robotic technology possesses superhuman precision and high-definition, three-dimensional optics that are promising attributes in the hands of the plastic surgeon. There are a lot of works that a robot can replace people.

In summary, the AI robot is very helpful to people, and it shows the improvement of the digitizing century. AI robot technology will have effects in the future. These two effects of AI robot technology in the future are help people in daily life and do things that people cannot do.

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