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Essay on Constitutions of Texas

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The evolution in the State of Texas began with the constitutions, though it never started with a strong impact like it is today. Seven constitutions made a real encounter with Texas. The first constitution was constructed in 1827. Texas was being joined with Coahuila as being only one state, while still being a part of the United Mexican States. Texas would persuade them later to have their own state while still being under the United Mexican States. Soon enough Texas and Mexico would have a big amount of pressure. Mexico would deny Texas’ request twice. To the community in Texas, it would show only one small request to be their own state and have a form of self-government. Mexico on the other hand showed that it was a sign of mutiny. It stated that the national government is to prohibit a small area with small communities, from being their own state. Shortly after Texas moved in with Coahuila to make one state, even after Texas requested to become its own state, and having its conflicts with Mexico. Soon after Mexico said yes and separated from Texas.

The second constitution is the 1836 Constitution. This constitution is to the Republic of Texas. They came up to the fall of the Alamo, and also Sam Houston’s amazing victory over at San Jacinto. This constitution was rather made faster only because of the Delegates. They would flee from Santa Anna and troops. This constitution was commonly chased or followed by a US model. With that happening this would later be creating a house of representatives, including a senate, and with a president. Having that being created limits were being put onto the president’s terms. For example, the president would not be allowed to succeed himself. To minimize any religious effects, this constitution took off clergy from the office. Slavery was approved, and the lead of each household would be given a substantial contribution to a land grant.

The 1845 Constitution was made after nearly a long-struggling decade. Texas reached an arrangement with the United States by the end of 1845. By this time Texas was no longer being independent, it needed a state constitution. A convention was later being placed in the summer of 1845 and both would approve annexation, and created a new governing testimony. With this new constitution, the legislature contained a house and a senate, to make laws, and also an executive branch managed by a governor. This banned any heads of the states to serve more than four years of either six years. It granted the governor the power to select any executive officials. For example, the attorney general, the secretary of state. The lieutenant governor was not part of it. The governor was able to be given the power to assign judges for the district court level and so on. Some limits were placed on the powers of the government. For example, state debt was critically not okay, and the legislature would be late scheduled to meet every so often in the year, slavery was also permitted. Fifteen years later after a lucrative attempt to be a part of the United States, Texas separated from the Union, and was a part of the Confederate States of America. Now being a part of a new nation, the state would have to have a new constitution. These new changes from the adaptation of the 1845 Constitution, they hardly would recognize the state’s place with the Confederacy. One foundation would, however, ban slaveholders from emancipating slaves without approval from the state government. After the Confederacy lost in the Civil War, Texas was sadly being told to move back into the Union. With that happening Texas had to write a new constitution in 1866. This constitution was also made to make slavery illegal. The 1845 Constitution was nothing different from this constitution.

The 1866 Constitution elected new executives. The new and written constitution was refused African Americans to vote, and newly released slaves were not allowed to hold in any office, and to testify in any court. Countless amounts of African Americans went through a process of passage called the Black Codes. With that being said this would demonstrate a lot of narrow job opportunities for African Americans, and for newly released slaves. The backlash this constitution and legislature created within the state, had many African Americans captured in oblivion between freedom and servitude.

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The 1869 Constitution was a disaster. This made the US Congress strongly disagree with the Confederate States to keep all African Americans mistreated. This also created more distrust for the government. All Southern state governments were disbanded, and other former Confederacy branched out into five military districts. With that being a new constitution had approved African American suffrage to be reported in each state and to endorse it into the Fourteenth Amendment into the US Constitution. Republicans had then separated themselves into two factions, the Moderates, and the Radicals. The Radicals were more into supporting African American delegates and with their support also through immediate suffrage, than the Moderates. The Radicals wanted to abolish all the states' actions during the period of revolution. The Moderates, on the other hand, were successful in some actions that directed a rebellion to be overthrown. Texas' agreement with the United States would then allow the state to be split up into five states at any time.

The 1876 Constitution was mainly about how the Democrats controlling the government. This was Governor Richard Coke and the Democratic speaker of the house had thought that it might have been suitable to keep the 1869 Constitution. They made a document stating that as long as good people were in power. These leaders gave some minor rearrangements forcing the 1875 constitutional convention that would later contribute under Texas. The 1864 Constitution was made because of the Union so that Texas could be able to join back.

All these constitutions made a huge impact towards Texas. Each constitution was created to become a more advanced state. With that being each constitution has also made the government different every time a new one was made. Some conflicts and tensions that would inherit Texas would be the minimum wage increase. It would mostly be with the rich and the poor. The biggest poverty rate in the Union was 16% in Texas. Another tension or conflict would be men vs. women. In Texas schools, men and women have to take a sexual harassment class, followed by a few surveys and tests to help them prevent sexual harassment. This makes it discrimination. Another thing is educated versus uneducated. This is when one has a piece of better knowledge than the other. the difference is having their thought process, mentality and behavior with one another. Texas wants to extend equal treatment for both educated and uneducated. They want to prepare everyone for the future of the community and for the city to grow. Texas is a rural society when the constitution began. As time evolved and changed Texas is now an urban society.

Our Constitution today shows how much we have come, through the changes made by the constitutions. Texas, however, has its strengths and weaknesses. For example, the oil. Oil in the 1900s was good because it became a rich factor in Texas. Our traditionalistic culture, however, is one of our biggest weaknesses, because it has a more main focus on only the minorities and being sexes. However, Texas is always forefront with its national governments. For example, the Ninth and Tenth amendment. These two amendments are under the Constitution meant to protect the rights of all people against the federal government. The Ninth Amendment, however, protects and approves that people have some rights which are not clear-cut declared in the Constitution. Those rights, in particular, are not to be tampered with. With these amendments, it also shows that the community wants to be free or have power. They cannot scatter away from the Union. The implications of Texas were mainly because of the 1876 Constitution. It would get harder to make more and more policies. Because of that happening the public would speak out their opinions about it as well. For example, the LGBTIQ community. They won’t allow many people in that particular community to work anywhere. These people are going to struggle. With that being the community would need to push Democracy forward by appointing new laws for them. People in the community of Texas would join interest groups because of the benefits it had towards them. For example, it could either be for personal or non-personal reasons to join. Interest groups get revenue from the memberships that they have. With that being they also accept outside money. In the beginning, the Democratic Party was to only be established by Texas. After much reconstruction, the Democrats would later control state politics for nearly over 100 years. After that Democrats today are now trying to acknowledge themselves in the Texas politics.

Texas has not always been the best state in America. Throughout the years with many changes being made it has evolved into something greater. Despite the striking changes it has gone through, we can see that it transformed for the better.

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