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In this 21st century, a teacher should adopt a new approach toward the students so that they are updated with today's tools and technology. When the students utilize everything that is important in today's world then the students will be able to live and prosper in today's economy as well they could be more productive in the future. What am I trying to say is in a teacher's professional journey, he or she will be a guide for the student's life. A teacher always plays a major role in the student's life. Let's see what the expectations should be in this 21st-century teaching profession.

Nowadays, the world is being more globalized which means the world economy, culture, and population are caused by cross-border trade in goods and services, technology and investment flows, and people and information in each country. So, what am trying to say is multilingual lesson is needed in this teaching profession for students. The students need to learn various languages since our country's moving forward up in the economy and development.

When students learn many languages it will really benefit them in the future such as could get a job easily, being able to communicate with others in different languages, and many more.

Furthermore, other countries like China, the United Kingdom, Russia, and so on are trying to enlarge their companies in our countries. Obviously, they want their employee to be good at languages because proper communication leads to better cooperation. That is one of the factors why we must prioritize multilingual lessons in the 21st teaching profession since the outcome will give advantages to others as well.

These days, teachers should be role models in the teaching profession. The teacher must demonstrate a good example towards the students in respect, integrity, care, and trust. A positive role model could really inspire the students to live meaningful lives. The students will look up to their teachers and have a great bonding as well. If the students only learn the knowledge from the book, they could be smarter only but if the teachers taught the values and ethics in their life, they could be more productive in society. In this modern century, everyone expects students to learn more beyond academic lessons.

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Next, every school has higher expectations of teachers which is that they should have higher academic qualifications. It is making sense why they are putting this kind of condition.

The government and schools believe that the teacher could be more knowledgeable and could share more facts with the students. This is because a teacher is the backbone of the students and could mold their behavior into the right path. The teachers are able to guide and dedicate the students to the power of education This is the reason why they require such a qualification in a school.

As we see there were expectations in the teaching profession, but there are challenges as well in this 21st teaching profession. To illustrate in detail, this century is more to the technology world. In this teaching profession, not all teachers are young and updated with new modern tools. So, some of the teachers are facing this issue that they are not well updated in new technology tools that will be used in the classroom. When they are not good at it, they prefer rote learning and there will be no innovation and creativity in their lessons. The students will fail to explore certain boundaries of possibilities and diminish their ability to creatively approach every problem and situation.

Classroom management is one of the challenges that were facing by teachers right now in the teaching profession Classroom management provides a variety of techniques used by teachers to organize students during class, to be orderly, focused, and attentive, perform tasks, and remain academically productive. There are a lot of students with different preferences, personalities, and many more. A teacher should manage everyone in the classroom based on their behavior so that the classroom won't be in chaos. The teachers must always change their approach and learning styles for every lesson to ensure the students are attentive and not distracted. I believe that when the teachers manage the classroom more to students' preferences, they will learn better than before.

Today's education not only prepares students for a knowledgeable survival career. It aims to create future leaders and global citizens with an integrated view and way of community and the world. A teacher's duty is to create global awareness in students which is helping them to understand environmental, social, cultural, political, and economic events in the world. Everyone can share the knowledge from the book with the children but as a teacher, we need to balance the academic world and global awareness as well. In short, the teaching profession could be really challenging for teachers but it can be overcome if they think rationally about the ways to the challenges.

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