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Essay on Teacher Who Inspired Me

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This man is so fantastic he was not the whitest paddle on a flower but he got somewhere to live. He was hated by all his teachers when he was younger. He even almost burned down his school. Then almost killed by his classmates because he was the only one that attended class. He later push on to become a great teacher, a smart scientist, and the kindest man I ever met. This man is Mr.Pevzner my eighth-grade sciences teacher. He is just such a sympathetic man when hungry or have not eaten breakfast he got the hook up with a small snack or a bowl of cereal. He always gives you chances also when you mess up on something he does not even get you in trouble he always gives you chances no matter what. Mr.Pevzner is a hero of mine he inspires me to do good in this world

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He is a very great science teacher he did not just help me learn he help my older brother two years ago. That is not all he has been working at the same place for 16 years and he is still here. I am hoping that he stays here for two more years to also inspire my little brother too. He cares for all his students but there are those kids that disrespect him that's the only exception even with that I think he cares about every kid. Mr.Pevzner inspire me to become a science teacher after I join the army. I am hoping I don't die out there so I could inspire other generations

Mr.Pevzner is extremely smart. He has learned way more languages than anyone I know. He also has been to more than most teachers I know. He is also a very great scientist. He has helped me learn what types of energy like Potential Energy, Stored energy and Kinetic Energy plus many more. He also showed us how to properly grow plants and know we are raising fish. We tried so many experiments than any other year and he actually let us experience how to try different experiments. We have way more teachers like this and many other teachers from this school. The subject of science is not a bad subject to teach if I do become a teacher then that's the subject I want to teach. Thanks to PEVZNER!!

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