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Essay on the Advantages and Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence

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Humans use available information as well as reason in order to solve problems and make decisions, so why can’t machines do the same thing? That's the question that continues to fuel the growth of artificial intelligence today. Artificial intelligence is simply computer systems being able to perform skills that normally require human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages. People are finally cracking down on AI and making it more useful and rapid than ever before. With something like this, there are both endless advantages and disadvantages. In this essay, I'm going to discuss what makes AI so beneficial as well as so harmful to society, as well as what continuous advances in artificial intelligence mean for our future.

As artificial intelligence continues to advance there's more resources at hand to make life a lot easier. AI can be beneficial for many things such as enhancing efficiency and our capability to work quicker. As well as a cost saver. Now that tedious tasks have been eliminated people have more time for specialty work, and can really put focus on what they do best. AI has been growing rapidly specifically in the medical field. Doctors are now able to detect diseases, rare hereditary diseases in infants and cognitive decline in elders with Alzheimer's much quicker due to AI, all while reducing radiology error rate. This making it reliable and efficient. Not only is it a detector for these diseases it's also progressed the evolution of prosthetics currently there's a prototype prosthetic limb in the works that is able to grab objects by adding computer vision technology into installed cameras that assess the shape and size of an object. Over 500 subjects have now been analyzed so now wearers can reach for these automatically. Drones are also extremely beneficial advancement in technology, they have been known to help law enforcement, as well as help in natural disasters or search and rescue missions, and help within the military. Drones can save lives in natural disasters and survey the damage after natural disasters. They can look into weather patterns after hurricanes and tornadoes to measure the safety of the region. As well as in law enforcement they can look over large crowds/provide surveillance, and even find missing people. In the military drones have many jobs not only looking over uncharted territory but also can be used in combat. All these drones have different jobs for their size, they range from small to big which allows them to fulfill certain tasks.

Ethical concerns are always put front and center when you're dealing with something that's not in societies total control. Like most things AI has its flaws in some cases it's been known to discriminate against groups of people, and it's a lack of privacy to people who continue to us it in their daily lives. Researchers say that the misuse of AI poses threats to digital, physical and political security by allowing large scale attacks. Worries range from self-driving cars being taken over and crashing, to drones becoming targeting weapons have been known as possibilities when it comes to artificial intelligence. If you really think about it that can be extremely dangerous for not only the people involved but the people surrounding. Take the self-driving cars, if they were to lose control and crash, you would not only be risking the life of the people within the car, but the people around the car who didn't even associate with this technology. Recently in politics or just media in general deepfakes have been becoming more prominent. These are videos constructed to make someone look like they're saying something they actually never said at all and AI has been a major cause of this issue. Because they are so realistic, deep fakes can mix up our understanding of the truth. By trusting this fake news in front of us, we are also subconsciously turning fiction into reality. There's been cases of deepfakes being used in presidential elections which have altered the chances of someone winning all over a fake video. With a system like AI that's not controlled by a direct person but a number of algorithms it can be extremely easy to manipulate.

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There's a lack of humanity when you really look deep into it. When we once spent time interacting with other people we are now communicating with artificial intelligence. We no longer have that personal connection with other people. You can see today how society is so attached to their hand-held devices; this is a prime example of how we are now limiting our face-to-face interactions with the people around us. We are beginning to treat AI as confidants, or even as friends and therapists. The author of ‘Will Robots Change Human Relationships’ Shulevitz herself says she shares inner feelings and emotions with Google Assistant that she would never even tell her own husband. If we grow more comfortable talking like this to our devices, what happens to our human connections such as our friendships and beyond that? It's become worrisome that children that have grown up around AI will lack empathy for others, since they no longer have to deal with people with real emotion.

Prices for something like this can be incredibly high and not affordable for many people. Although the price of artificial intelligence is said to be going down throughout the next few years it won't nearly be enough. This means that not everyone will have access to be able to afford this luxury. This means now that AI is being used for important needs in life people that can’t afford it will be left out of this experience.

There's no real way to say what lies for the future, but we can make some educated guesses. As well as this there's the future can relate to many things. It can be regarding the future of AI when in relation to business and efficiency, or in relation to society and ethics. We know as of now that AI isn't going to stop growing any time soon. It is becoming more accessible to everyone, including people with both good and bad intentions.

Thus, there are numerous advantages and disadvantages to accommodate both sides, which side is really the most beneficial for society as a whole. I believe that we as a society have grown accustomed to these artificial advances, and these days we are finding numerous ways to make society progress further in health and safety due to artificial intelligence. No matter what side we take, I believe that the growth of AI will continue to grow and continue to create new innovations to improve our daily lives. There's going to be cons to every situation or choice but I think that in this case the pros overweight the cons.

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