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During the 1980s, Iran was starting the biggest transformation in the nation's history. In 1978, Iran was ruled by a monarch called the Shah, with whom the people had been engaged politically with different nations. During the 1970s, Shah was not successful in his strategy and then lost his devotees. Marjane's family was fighting his standards and following an extreme development to attempt to get Shah out of power.

As a ten-year-old young lady, the creator is compelled to wear a veil to class by those who require a social upheaval in Iran. There are numerous fights both for and against this social unrest. Her French non-strict school is abrogated and young men and young ladies are isolated for instruction. The creator accepts that one day she will be the last prophet. She has discussions with God in which she envisions that there will be social and social balance and that elderly individuals won't experience the ill effects of agony. At the point when she reports her arrangement, her friends and teacher mock her however she expects that she will one day be the image of equity, love, and the anger of God. She is aware of world history as a result of books that her folks provide for her, and her preferred book is a comic book called Dialectic Materialism.

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After that, began the procedure of involvement in the nation, to attempt to change the person in power. But, the change came as Khomeini, a strict reformist. He was a Shia Muslim and had solid knowledge of the Shah and his Western ways, which made him well-known to the individuals who needed change. When he put an end to the administration with his disciples, individuals understood the change he would bring was not really what they needed.

Marjane makes the point in her graphic novel that when a nation has a gigantic populace of uneducated, you can't bind together a country with taught beliefs, which means you need to get something relatable: religion.

“Iraq migs have bombed Tehran” page #80. Marjane and her father were caught in an attack. This reminds me of the attacks and shootings that happen in our world today. Attacks include the acts of launching/discharging artillery, darts, grenades, rockets, and guided missiles. The biggest attack we had was 9/11.

Marjane and her uncle, Anoosh support each other with their psychological selves. Anoosh, left for the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics) after Fereydoon was executed for opposing the Shah. He returns later to Iran to see his family, but then later gets imprisoned. He becomes a role model for Marjane, who considers him a hero. However, after the revolutionaries took full power they again arrested Anoosh because he was anti-Shah. Before Anoosh leaves, Marjane gets to speak to him one more time and he gives her a second bread swan which is something that means a lot to her in the novel because it indicates the redeeming quality of art, and in a similar sense of redemption after all the trauma and suffering she experiences. Anoosh: “Our family memory must not be lost. Even if it’s not easy for you, even if you don’t understand it all.”. Marjane also supported Anoosh because she always talked to him and showed him a different perspective on things.

Khosro and Niloufar have an external conflict in the novel. Khosro, a young communist hides a woman, Niloufar until she is caught and executed. Marjane’s parents use her as an example to explain to Marjane the dangers that young women face when arrested. Niloufar was forcibly married off to a prison guard and raped before execution because it is illegal to kill a virgin woman by the strict religious guidelines of Iranian law. To add brutal insult to a terrible injury, Niloufar’s family was then sent a dowry for the wedding after the execution.

The novel is an autobiography of Marijane Satrapi. Marjane is a 10-year-old strong-willed, sometimes confused protagonist who we follow from childhood to adulthood throughout Persepolis. The confusion stems from her valiant attempts at trying to understand the embattled and restrictive world that she lived in during the Revolution, and her attempts at trying to maintain her dignity, independence, and individuality among often senseless torture, suffering, and death.

The novel was written in English but there were many photos where they had written Persian (Farsi) on buildings and other objects. Marijane also attended a Persian/French school when she was 10 so there was some French in it. Marjane Satrapi spoke Farsi, French, German, English, Swedish, and Italian.

There were many symbols while reading the novel. One of the symbols was a bread swan, which I stated in the compare and contrast paragraph. The veil was an extremely important piece of clothing to Marjane’s identity. Persepolis opens with Marjane describing how she first has to start wearing the veil at school. This moment for her most markedly divides her pre-revolutionary life and her post-revolutionary life when the rise of the Islamic Republic creates an enormous disagreement in society between those who are traditionally religious and those who are not and prefer to dress with Western influences. Marjane, though she still considers herself Muslim, belongs to the latter category. The veil for Marjane and many women in Iran becomes the key symbol of repression, particularly against women.

The turning point in the novel happened after Marji's uncle Anouche died and she felt like her life was destroyed and this affected Marji. In 1983, Marji was shipped off to Vienna. She felt guilty that she was living freely while her relatives were dying as martyrs. She then fell into a depression. As Marji was maturing, so did her mind. She told her friends that she was from France because she was ashamed of her country. As time passed, Marji fell in love with a boy named Markus. She was happy with Markus until Markus cheated on her. She fell into depression again and became homeless. The climax happened when she learned that it was better to live a life without freedom in Iran than being homeless and getting sick in Vienna.

I learned a lot about the culture and what life was like in Iran while reading the novel. it's easy to take certain freedoms for granted such as freedom of speech or freedom of religion. Many times, we don't notice our freedoms until they're gone. This is what happened to the people of Iran in the 1980s when Marjane Satrapi's story began. Revolutionaries who speak out against the regime are executed; everyone is expected to dress as though they are Muslim fundamentalists, especially women who need head-to-toe coverings and a veil. I learned to look at things differently and to not take things for granted.

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