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Evaluation Essay about Steak n'Shake

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What about Steak n’ Shake attracts my attention and taste buds, as appose to other fast food restaurants? My boyfriend went on a rant about the fact that I had never heard of the restaurant, assuring me that once I tried the burger I would fall in love. When I walked into the restaurant for the first time the air conditioner blew on my face and the rich smell of burgers and fries marched into my nostrils; it made my mouth drool and my stomach immediately start growling. I started savoring the moment in which I would finally take that first bite of my choice of burger. Every single time I ask myself “What do I want to eat today?” since that day, the first thing that comes into mind is a Steak n’ Shake burger. The taste of a Steak n’ Shake burger is exquisite—unlike any other burger I have had it is so incredibly juicy, the kitchen is open in plain sight; therefore, if you would like you can sit and watch your food be prepared right before your very eyes, and also because an entire meal can fill up your stomach and fill you up with such satisfaction all for less than ten dollars.

In the past I have eaten a variety of burgers: from the most inexpensive burgers to the most talked about pricey ones; and still, there is not one that suppresses my taste buds like the savory Steak n’ Shake burgers. There is something about the steak meat—it has a richer taste than the rest—its flavors are more intricate, as well as the burger simply stands up better and does not turn into mush. Out of the many burgers on the menu my favorite so far is the “Jalapeno Crunch”: containing pepper jack cheese, chipotle mayo, fresh salsa, and jalapenos, all topped with fried onions. This burger truly has a great mix of textures and flavors— crunch from the crispy fried onions, a spicy kick, and an awesome balance of acidity; a trace from the jalapenos, freshness from the salsa, also bringing more heat from the chipotle mayo and pepper jack cheese. The combination of the burger with their fries is one of a kind, I am a lover of thin and crispy fries. I take the first bite of fry and can hear the satisfying crunch through the crispy outer layer, with the seasoning so distinct you can feel it leaping onto your tongue; the fluffy, soft inside is a magical combination of potato that somehow manages to taste a million times better than the raw starch. They are so warm and satisfying that before I know it the entire box is gone. It has vanished! Which leaves me wanting more: from the savory first bite to the last unforgetting ending.

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When I order my meal, I sit and watch the chef prepare my order, the kitchen is visually open for customers to watch; which for me, is a habit to sit there and observe the chef work his magic with ingredients to perfect his craft. They are so precise and very determined in being certain my burger is just right, especially in preparing the steak burger meat. The chefs that cook the meat follow a timer, making sure that it has had enough time to cook before it is served to its customers. You can see the entire show of their food preparation methods, the time they take to make sure the bread is golden toasted on the edges, and that the crispy and thin fries are well-fried. My thought about them having the kitchen open in their customer's sight is that they want us to trust that they care to give the best customer experience, if it is made in sight it must be right. I appreciate that about Steak n’ Shake, it is one of the best things about it, the dedication they have to give the best quality burgers they know they can give is demonstrated in the way the kitchen is open for all eyes to see.

Finally, the prices of the menu at Steak n’ Shake offers is incomparable for the amazing quality of choices—from the burgers to the shakes they freshly make for their customers makes them unbeatable. Their most expensive meal does not go over ten dollars making it more obvious to want to choose them over other burger places, especially for the quality of the meal you will get from them. In comparison to many places I am filled up with satisfaction and do not pay as much for a meal that will only fill me up for a more expensive price with nowhere near the quality I will get at Steak n’ Shake. In total, what I pay for a “Jalapeno Crunch” meal is five dollars and forty-seven cents. How great is that! Anytime I am craving a tasty burger, I will choose Steak ‘n Shake in a heartbeat.

In conclusion, as illustrated and exemplified in the proceeding discussion, the taste of a Steak n’ Shake burger is exquisite, the restaurant is open in plain sight, and the price is just right — a reasonable price I do not question the great quality of food. For these reasons; in my opinion, Steak n’ Shake is the place that serves excellent burgers, having been brought to this restaurant was probably one of the best things to happen to me. I truly did fall in love with the burger and the whole experience within itself.

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