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Narcissism Theory

The essay commented on the fundamental relationship between the developing self (ego) and external “objects,” by which Freud meant people.

Throughout the narrative description of past events, Sigmund Freud’s theory (1914) about narcissism was developed into the presentation of lots of psychological ideas and mind complexities. One of those is the introduction of Narcissism Theory (NT) which was constructed subsequently to his earlier explanation about the series of mental images and emotions occurring during sleep, and the state of the unconscious mind (Freud, 1914). However, there are past researches that have shown about this concept involves contrasting ideas, issues, and hypotheses (Palmowski, 1989). But looking at this theory into the broader context, it attempted to provide an interesting viewpoint on the personality trait that manifests exceptional interest and admiration for oneself.

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In 2006, Crockatt’s study on Freud’s ‘On narcissism: an introduction stated that this undertaking is pioneering groundbreaking academic work on the expansion of psychoanalysis and psychoanalytic theories, and metapsychology. Freud defined narcissism as deep love and excessive interest in oneself as a material thing for carnal pleasure. He considers it as a kind of a relatively mild mental illness that is not spawned by organic disease, involving symptoms of stress (obsessive behavior, depression, hypochondria, anxiety). To some extent, he likewise surmised that all individuals possess a degree of narcissism in every part of their composition (Freud, 1914).

Fundamentally, he also explained the distinction of two essential types of narcissism i.e. primary and secondary narcissism. Freud postulates that the first type of narcissism is present from the time when a person exists. Intricately, primary narcissism pertains to the grounds of an individual to have a positive feeling of affection towards to an object (i.e. a person or thing to which a determined feeling or action is directed person) without any adulteration and impurities. An example of this is the pure love of a mother for her child. On the other hand, secondary narcissism grows when people extend this profound love and admiration to themselves. This will result to have a feeling of indifference from others through a showing of apathetic attitude from the community. Freud presumes that in view of this kind of people will tend to have a low pride to oneself because of lack of ability to communicate their affection to others and have it expressed back to themselves. Furthermore, these individuals are holding so many feelings of humiliation, and blameworthiness, and are frequently protective and oversensitive.


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