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Gender Bias At The Workplace

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Table of contents

  1. Issue
  2. Audience
  3. Communications goal
  4. Content
  5. Form
  6. Reference Lists


The topic of gender bias has been constantly discussed by the public in society. For decades, people have been paying close attention to the news concerning gender bias. That is, people in the society have begun to realize the problem of gender bias, especially the gender bias in the workplace. Gender bias is a hot issue in the workplace, especially in industries like IT where the vast majority of staff are men. This has led to the society’s misconceptions about the industry and most of the people believe that IT is male exclusive and not suitable for women. It has been a deep-rooted idea, especially for contemporary college students. Based on the education they have received for more than a decade; they have formed a fixed mindset and have a certain framework for the industry they want to pursue in the future. Have to consider that such fixed thinking also has a certain gender discrimination, some women think that they cannot be well engaged in work like IT, engineering, etc. Therefore, in order to make the students who are at the point of life choice aware of the problem of gender bias, so that they can choose the future path following their own interests, the organization will let the students in the school understand and thus eliminate the gender bias thinking through posters and websites with certain transmission significance.


In the workplace, the gender bias thinking has been formed, which influence their choice of career scope. Therefore, in order to let fewer and fewer people continue to have gender-biased ideas, we will start with college students and let them know there is no longer a gender bias in the upcoming career choices.

Communications goal

Through the design of the website and the spread of posters, the target audience is informed of gender bias and thus equal. And let the target audience have a certain clear view of their future work choices.


A separate page covers three parts, briefly explain what gender bias is, how to face gender bias and some aspects of gender bias in China. Nowadays many people in society don’t understand gender prejudice. There exists potential gender bias for some people, even they don’t realize it. So at the beginning of the page, we set up a framework of “What is gender bias” so that the audience can understand it roughly and can have a general positioning in the mind about whether or not they have gender bias. After understanding what gender bias is, how to face gender bias is followed in the next frame, it allows the audience to understand how to solve this problem. In the second half of the page, we added a short story about gender bias in China and some measures that China has begun to address on gender bias. Because many gender prejudices occur in developing countries, like China, because of the traditional and feudal thought, many people think that women should stay at home and not go out to work and contact the outside world. This is a representative example, can let the audience know how a more feudal country gradually resists gender bias. The audience can accept the rejection of gender bias through these materials and stories.

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The initial content of website sets a profile of gender bias, allowing the audience to understand gender bias and also give a rough introduction to the content of the entire page. Because the main purpose of this website is to help the audience when they are faced with gender bias, how to deal with gender bias is included in the next frame. It’s a face-to-face approach from organizations specialized in gender bias, there are many this kind of organizations around the world, and their methods are also very detailed. Next to the framework of “How to Face Gender Prejudice”, a picture showing “gender equality” is set up to match the content of the text. In the end, it is the news as an example that society began to resist gender bias with attached photos of “female-only cars” taken in the Chinese subway. Let the audience know about the detailed cases of resisting gender bias around them. A poster with picture below demonstrates how to face gender bias, it conveys the idea of calling for gender equality, which matches the text content.


In order to make the audience feel more convenient and comfortable to read, the webpage sets the font 'Times new roman' and keeps the font size 16 for text, and 18 for the title owing to website need avoid using full capitals for body copy,

The overall color of the page is light blue and light pink, representing men and women, it also echoes the poster. Color is an easy way to establish connections among graphic elements and across multiple pages. We follow the main color related to the theme with the choice of color and give the audience a visual impact while positioning the entire theme color. At the beginning of the page, a headline and a subtitle are set. Create a central element with anchors point to grab attention. With the aim to make the audience feel interested in reading, we set a headline in the first frame, to grasp their eyeball at the first sight and stimulate them to continue reading.

Web design needs establish a visual hierarchy, i.e. via less important elements should take up less space or occupy a less prominent position. So the headlines are short, and the content is streamlined and easier to read. In the fast-paced life, many people are reluctant to read a lot of text, and the picture plays a role. Iconic representation reduces performance load, conserves display and control area, and makes signs and controls more understandable across cultures. (Lidwel 2010). Generally, icons should be labeled and share a common visual motif (style and color) for optimal performance. The color of the pictures on the webpage and the color of the theme are in a light color, and have a certain representativeness, conveying the theme to the audience.

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