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Development is everywhere and our education system is becoming more and more complex, making education planning necessary. We are faced with many problems such as population explosion, labor demand, growing desires of all sectors of society, inequality between economic and educational product demand, ecological imbalance, resource reduction, and chaos in system development and application. All these problems require the education system to find solutions. The education system faces all these problems, so planning becomes more important as planning ability becomes a mandatory requirement.

The importance of educational planning has become very important because it ensures the success of the organization. Consider the important issues, constraints, conditions, and factors of education. The focus is on possible objectives, goals, and visions. This is practical in nature and emphasizes the ability and insight to apply and benefit from theory before acting. Explain the objectives and the methods to achieve them. Thus, it eliminates trial and error, reduces the possibility of collapse, and guarantees success. Provides intelligent direction of action. The scarcity of economic or non-material sources poses challenges to education.

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Planning is a response to such disputes and the exploration of choosing and making the best use of restricted resources. A successful, well-organized plan saves energy, time, and money. This is the means of coordination to achieve the predetermined objectives. Education is a public service that the public needs and is provided by the government. For large-scale government work like education, planning is absolutely necessary. Educational planning is one of the elements of general national economic and social development. Planning must provide educational goals and funding for educational development in order to achieve these goals. The importance of educational planning in higher education As internationalization becomes increasingly important for university operations, this raises questions about institutional capacities or the ability of universities to cope with the latest challenges they face.

Educational planning is generally regarded as a key tool for a more systematic and rational approach to achieving the changes necessary for the excellence of the internationalization of institutional management and daily operations. Some people in universities doubt the importance of educational planning in higher education; they think it is not in line with academic traditions and culture. When a suitable model is accepted, it not only supports the specific behavioral requirements of the university but also has a perspective to make what is generally said a reality. Taking into account the fact that the practice of educational planning is introduced from the industry (individualizing it through creative military methods), it is important to have an accurate nature with the university operating model on the issue of whether educational planning needs to be adopted and accepted as an act Can provide directions and help develop concepts and systems. Basic differences There are a few basic differences. One difference is that the university's value system is governed by long-term investment principles to educate people, and produce and disseminate knowledge, rather than focusing on the financial results of the business world in the typical short term.

Universities need a different generation of income streams and show 'stakeholders' the sustainability and quality of their work. Therefore, in a few countries today, even the differences may not be that great. However, educational programs that are closely related to academic innovation rather than financial sustainability are clearly more likely to receive support at universities. Another difference is that companies may choose to take a stronger top-down approach to driving direction and making decisions. However, an environment in which universities share power means that the key to reaching consensus from the start is ensuring commitment and decision-making. Participation of different departments and faculties. Therefore, although the committee will start at the highest level, with the head of the institution indicating the direction and determining the preferred future, it is important to involve the academic community from the beginning.

Designing a program that is both inclusive and transparent requires more effort and time; however, it is the most promising one. If the academic population is involved in this process from the beginning, if they can flexibly initiate their goals and inputs within a broad framework, then they are more likely to recognize and be willing to implement the educational plan. This is a two-way process. Although leadership needs to leave room for uniqueness and diversity, departments and faculty must also determine the requirements for horizontal and vertical interdependence in the organization. If the educational planning of higher education is properly designed, it will create a two-way implementation space and will become the glue that connects the internationalization process. You can support the culture and make the university the university you hope to be. Why do we need educational planning? In today's rapidly changing world, innovative career paths are constantly emerging, traditional paths are changing, and educational requirements and career skills are changing. All of these changes are the result of the latest technology, changes in organizational design, and trends in global business operations.

With all these changes in mind, you might ask 'Why do you need educational planning?' The goal is to develop career goals, choices, and strategies based on your personality, interests, skills, and values. When you make a plan, you will be able to manage your career by yourself and benefit from the ever-changing economy and job market. Be a victim of change. Who is responsible for your career? Your profession is entirely your responsibility. You are responsible for planning and taking all necessary actions to obtain training and education that will help you organize your career. However, you can get help. For example, your career counselor or consultant can tell you about career plans and strategies, how to get the information you need, how to deal with obstacles, how to plan your current and future training and education, and remember that throughout your life, you must accept all career judgments. You also need to produce results that support your goals. Control and control your wealth is in your hands. The importance of self-assessment Getting to know yourself is an important aspect of education, career planning, and exploration. It is good to know more about interests, skills, values, preferences, and personality types related to the occupation because you will be able to better identify the occupational fields, major areas of learning, educational pathways, and training programs that are tailored to your occupation. Your personal attributes. You need to conduct an accurate self-assessment of your special qualities: Your interest in work indicates the type of work, tasks, and activities that you like to do the most. Your values u200bu200b represent the most important part of your life. For example, you can value earning a lot of money, helping others, having a stable and secure job, being artistic and creative, etc. Your skills indicate your talents and various things that you can easily learn or do well. Your personality category is a picture of how you react to certain people and situations, or how you make decisions, organize information, or solve problems.

Picture of your life: real picture It is good to plan your education and career according to your real situation and your life map. Do you have to wonder what kind of life you want to live? As you can see, your professional judgment will greatly affect your standard of living. Your occupation will determine where you live, income, hours of work, travel and job security, your options for working with friends and colleagues, or how you use your free time. You should ask yourself these questions about your future plans. As a person, what values do I have? Such as safety, prestige, family, achievement, etc. What kind of experience do I want in my life? For example, tourism, culture, adventure, etc. What personal talents do I hope to cultivate? For example, art, language, music, intelligence, communication, etc. How do I like to spend my free time? For example, in community service, sports and entertainment, tourism, etc. Finally, you must ask yourself if the educational pathways and career goals you are considering are helpful to your life image. Role in life Throughout your life, your position as a worker will be organized with the other roles you play. Examples of roles you can play in your career include those of students, community citizens, homemakers, or leisure enthusiasts. His profession transcends the income-generating role of his respected profession. For example, an easy way to see how your career or career choices affect your potential role is to consider the scene that follows. If you are considering the roles of homemakers, wage earners, and students, obviously your work-related income should be enough to cover the costs of all of these roles. Most people mainly participate in 2-3 roles at a given time. Your focus on the role depends on your age and stage of your life. For example, as a college student, your main responsibility is to study. In later life, her main role may be a housewife or a worker. The position is that in your life, you must play a mixed role of leisure, study, work, citizenship, and housewife. Therefore, the reason is that when you make decisions about your education and career, you need to consider the impact of those decisions on other roles.

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