Informative Speech on Childhood Obesity

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Childhood obesity is a health issue resulting from excess fats in the body. The result can be observed when the child is above healthy and average weight as of the childhood period. Obesity does not necessarily impact only children but also adults as old age obesity results in heart disease. Thus, obesity is mainly triggered by Childhood behaviors, the surrounding environment as well as genetics.

The first cause of childhood obesity is childhood behaviors. Such behaviors include; eating foods and beverages which are low on nutrients, inappropriate sleeping routine, poor medication as well as inadequate physical activities. Furthermore, individual families have meal tables, mainly composed of sugary food products. Thus, children are introduced early to sugary and bulky food products. As a result, childhood behaviors result in low self-esteem, increased sleeping time, insomnia, lower quality of life experienced, and reduces academic performance of a child as a result of stigmatization.

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The next cause of childhood obesity is genetics. Genetics is believed only to affect weight when combined with behavioral and environmental factors. Therefore, genetics only assist in the development of obesity and doesn’t cause the continuous increase in childhood obesity. Thus, genetics can lead to cardiovascular disease due to the presence of high cholesterol resulting in difficulty in breathing as well as high blood pressure. Genetics though not a common factor in obesity, can be passed from one generation to another. Additionally, genetics can lead to medical problems such as muscular discomfort, joint problems, fatty liver disease, and asthma due to breathing problems.

The surrounding environment is another cause of childhood obesity. The first effect of the surrounding environment is depression and anxiety. A situation majorly experienced during children playing time. Daycare and schools play a significant role in childhood obesity. Thus most of the meals children take in schools are more sugar content.

Additionally, hackers and traders sell sugary stuff, for example, ice creams and cakes, which form part of the products liked by the children. The community environment's lack of playing facilities results in obesity because failure to exercise leads to the accumulation of cholesterol in the body. Moreover, children's failure to exercise leads to the creation of a weak body as well as weak muscular cells, and such children tend to be bullied and stigmatized by friends.

In conclusion, childhood obesity results from childhood behaviors, genetics, and the surrounding environment. Following these findings, the effects are namely depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, being bullied by friends, stigmatization, asthma, muscular discomfort, and joint problems. Thus, it is clear to state that obesity as a health condition has numerous effects as addressed above and each individual should adopt the necessary measures to curb the causes of childhood obesity. Thus, it includes eating food and beverages of high nutrients, taking adequate physical activities, taking sufficient sleep, and encouraging the installation of physical equipment to be used for exercise sessions. Parents being the major players in a child’s growth should ensure children take appropriate meals in the required quantity to reduce obesity in children.

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