Juvenile Crime And Violence As A Effect Of Socioeconomic Conditions

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“Environment is the parent of revolution and crime.” similar to Aristotle's quote. Juvenile crime is the effect of the social environment that kids grow up in. Each case is unique and it is caused by different factors as family, drugs, education… It's one of the nation's most serious problems. Every country cares about their child, but what is really worrisome is not the short run trend but their sense that violent crime has been climbing steadily for a long time and the future will only bring further increases. Unfortunately this problem does not just occur only in ireland, but around the world. Children are the future, we are not gonna allow the juvenile delinquency to keep going. In our country children have a good quality of life but there are some problems such as poverty, discrimination.. which is then what causes juvenile crime. The irish system of juvenile justice is currently under review. The juvenile Justice Bill will reform most aspects of the systems such as legislation and services by a wide range of community sanctions and penalties instead of special school sentences and the raising of the age of criminal responsibility from seven to 10 years as much more things.a

According to Youth Justice Action Plan, 2014-2018, who is reinventing the rights of children and tries to redirect them in the right direction we have created a law. In every society, youth is the most important part as we depend on them for the future. With this law we try to make young people aware to take advantage of their qualities and their lives… Since 2008 when the first National Juvenile Justice Strategy started, juvenile delinquency has decreased. In 2013 there were 5365 juvenile offences, representing a 41% drop on 2010’s figure of 9126

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Unicef ​​can be a good example of what has been done on a global scale to solve this problem. This association has declared several laws, such as the Riyadh Guidelines (1990) or the publication of the Manual for the Measurement of Juvenile Justice Indicators in coordination with nations to raise awareness about the prevention of juvenile delinquency (2006)

Ireland is in the same position as most of the countries in central Europe, as they have more or less the same economy and the same way of life. We can’t find any relevant information about agreements with ireland to solve this problem but there are some laws that are common among ireland and some other countries.

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