Language And Its Influences

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The importance of language lies in the fact that they can express what is within the individual’s thoughts and feelings. Language is also related to the nation’s civilization: “if you want to know the culture of a nation, know their language.” it is Linking communities to each other and increasing communication between communities . Language is a defying feature of a person’s identity which shape our personality and behavior , affect and reflect our emotion, and improve our education and learning.

language plays an essential role in the communication process. A person can also communicate with the members of the society in which he lives or other societies. there are many types of communications. it helps you to easy communicate while you are traveling whether for pleasure or desire. or business to another country , in this case, you need to communication with another culture which enables to gain a more profound understanding of this culture and creates more positive attitudes and prejudice toward people who are different. besides, people exchange information or messages through various means. it could be verbally, non-verbally, graphically and written. Communication involves action. It is a process of exchanging ideas or information from one individual (the speaker or the sender) to another (The receiver).They can have conversation face-to-face, exchange phone calls and receive text message . Non-verbally., communication through gesture, body language, facial expression. Written language, through email, presentation of an idea, data and it could be formal or informal

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Because we can notice very easily when words can affect us emotionally, that emotions, too, can control language. Just the fact that each language has a specific word for” love” or” anger” shows that emotions have a certain influence over language. Emotions normally are associate with specific events or occurrences and are intense enough to disrupt thought processes.

Positive emotions at workplace can achieve a desirable affect of a person’s relationships with others including greater task activity, persistence, and enhanced cognitive function. Negative emotion can cause lack of guidance, lack of support, and lack of backup. Negative emotions be disease in the workplace.

Language readily prompts heightened emotional responses in certain context. For example, when we are listening to certain lyrics and music, these words in which they are waving together make us engage emotionally and live the state of this music language in all its level from the beginning till the end. in addition, in some speeches delivered to the nations in a special events . “Peace is the best time for improvement and preparation of every kind; it is in peace that our commerce flourishes most, that taxes are most easily paid, and that the revenue is most productive” James Monroe. this type of peace speech can have good influences and reflections whether on the level of countries , organizations, or institutions.

Managing your emotions in a way that can help with your personal productivity and development. Learning a new language from your early life can be also beneficial .

Studies show that improving language skills can have profound academic and social benefits for children, both in early childhood and later in life . Amy Pace , university of Washington, UW assistant professor said that a lot of other research focuses on math, science, and literacy without considering that language could be playing an important role. “language emerges as a strong predictor across subject area. Why do kids succeed in math, for example? Part of it could be having a strong math vocabulary” Pace said

According to a report released by the Pew Research Center this week , a median of 92% of European students are learning a language in school, however, less than 20% of the US students are enrolled in foreign language classes. Moreover, including technologies in our system of education while teaching language bear a lot of advantages. How do technologies play a role in improving your language?

Early Learning Languages Australia (ELLA) uses fun and play-based digital applications to engage children in language learning and is currently available in Hindi, Modern Greek, Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), French, Indonesia, Japanese, Italian, and Spanish. “With more than 80,000 children in about 2,500 preschools Australia being introduced to a second language through the use of our digital apps.” Federal Education Minister said.

Technology shape the future of language by using a new technology apps where the language can be transformed to another language instead of using guidebooks or asking strangers for help

In conclusion, language is a vital tool for communication, which shape our personality and behavior to build a good relationship within the culture or communities, and develop our emotion, and improve our education

Exposure to another language and culture can have significant impact and developmental benefits on individuals. It could have a positive effect on children’s language awareness when it is used properly. As well, young learners can be more motivated and acting via technology which can assist in gaining interests, needs, and new culture items.

The importance of language lies in the fact that they can express what is within the individual’s thoughts and feelings. Language is also related to the nation’s civilization. Language is a defying feature of a person’s identity which develop our communication, affect and reflect our emotion, and improve our education.

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