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Legalisation Of Medical Marijuana In Australia: Media Condemn

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Isn’t it strange why the government aren’t legalising a plant that can ease or even save someone’s life. The truth is false information of Medical Marijuana found within the media are condemning these laws to be reversed. This false information has been imbedded into our minds since we were young. Creating fear in people and focusing on the negatives of cannabis. But now, research and tests have been recently conducted portraying hopeful results for the future of Medical Marijuana. We all have heard about the drug sometime within our life. We all have different opinions on the subject at matter. This illicit drug has taken the medical industry in the world by storm. Not only has it been finally legalised for Medical use within Canberra with also Vox, a news reporting site, stating that,” Around 33 states have legalised the medical use of Marijuana within their medical department.”

If this many states are on board why isn’t all of Australia? A movement devoted to legislating the drug that can change lives particularly for those suffering diseases like cancer and epilepsy. People whom are in severe pain and have no quality of life, maybe at the end of life. Why aren’t we decriminalising the medical use for those that need it? People are suffering with horrific painful diseases that this medical drug can ease. But we still don’t legalise it. I thought Australian culture was built on looking after one another. Earlier this morning I was out-standard to read an article published by the ABC stating the title, “Cannabis does not reduce chronic pain, major study finds.” This false information has been spreading amongst the media for years. I’m sick of it, this topic is needed to be addressed now sooner than later. Australian citizens are suffering, we can help now rather than later.

As you can tell Medical Marijuana is Australia’s issue and needs instantaneous attention. With cancer and mental illness amongst families growing we need every little helpful thing we can use. in 2019, it is estimated that there will be 49,896 deaths related to cancer (Australian Government, 2019). This shocking number will never disappear, it shows how many people are in pain. Instead of causing more pain for those with cancer why wouldn’t we ease it with Medical Marijuana. Instead of providing patients with manufactured pharmaceutical drugs, medical marijuana can resolve the pain just as better with no serious negative effects. In the past, few years many media articles were condemning the effects of Medical Marijuana stating that ‘it doesn’t work’. Now that research has been developed the media has positively covered the issue.

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Digging deeper into the false article, published by ABC, tells us why Medical Marijuana isn’t beneficial for those who are diagnose with chronic pain and anxiety. The national Drug and Alcohol Research Centre had researchers randomly select 1514 Australians who had treated chronic pain with prescribed opioids. Those that turn towards Marijuana reported having similar or higher levels of pain and anxiety. Those studies found are leaning on millions of dollars in investment to find an alternative pathway from opioid pain killers (ABC, 2018). The same study and evidence used within the ABC article is seen in ‘The Sydney Morning Herald’ and ‘’. These three published articles are spreading false accusations on Medical Marijuana. I’m sure there are many more like this hiding beneath the articles that have the truth. In 2019, numerous media blog, articles and research papers have surfaced agreeing on legislating Medical Marijuana. An article published on ‘Very Well Health’ by Angela Morrow tells us the pros of using Medical Marijuana. It can relieve the muscles that associate with multiple Sclerosis and paralysis, treats appetite lost found in certain types of cancers, relieves chronic pain, does not increase the risk of lung disease and is much safer than the highly addictive opioid pain killers (VeryWell Health, 2019). You can see that most the negatives covered by the past articles are outspoken by those conducted tests this year. All the negatives the media thought about medical Marijuana is now stated to be false.

According to Dr Ethan Russo, a researcher for Cannabinoid Institution quotes that,” Cannabis is the single most versatile herbal remedy, and the most useful plant on earth. No other single plant contains as a wide range of medically active herbal constituents.” This quote gives us in depth that there is no drug like Marijuana and if we don’t legalise it, we will found nothing better then it. Although there are many positive aspects found within Medical marijuana there are negatives that show evidence: short term memory lost, impair cognitive ability and carries a small 6% chance of addiction (VeryWell Health, 2019). These cons found within the VeryWell health article are worth it for the benefits of the drug. If you were diagnosed with a painful cancer: would you want to take medical marijuana and have small impairment of cognitive ability and short term memory lost or keep taking the opioids that cause sedation, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, constipation, depression and physical dependence (NCBI, 2008). I sure know I’d choose Medical Marijuana over opioids and so would the population fighting for legalisation.

If we don’t take drastic action in changing the laws of making medical marijuana legalised, more people will die painfully and those suffering from depression and anxiety won’t get cured. Yet we still don’t know the full benefits of Medical Marijuana. Legalising the drug could reveal more positive ways the drug can benefit. Remember around 49,896 people will die this year from cancer (Australian Government, 2019). Opioids are linking towards those deaths with the effects of depression and addiction. For all the states in Australia to legalise Medical Marijuana, the only thing we can do is share our stories of how the drug has benefited yourself. The government need to invest more money into this issue through conducting more tests. With these tests, we can understand the full benefits and negatives of Marijuana.

Medical Marijuana laws within Australia need to change now, further research needs to be done. If we don’t do this people will be dying painfully, mental issues will not be conquered and chronic pain will still be evident. Australia needs to band together to legalise the drug and spread awareness of its aspects. In conclusion, it can be said that Medical Marijuana is the future of our people we just need to decide when.

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