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What does bravery mean to you and why? Why does society value bravery? There are so many definitions of bravery from different people. The typical bravery definition is the quality of having to face danger but courage does not only mean being physically brave or just giving up some one’s life. Sometimes it means that despite all the fears that exist within every person, they can still overcome those fears and make them sounds in side to go with courage to do your best. In fact, we can be brave and live bravely when we can overcome our fears, and do our best to achieve the right goals in life. Courage is really important in everyone’s life. Why is courage so important in our life? Because we all have fears within us, and we need the courage to face our fears help us to make the best and right decisions in our lives. Facing fears in any situation can help us be successes in our life. I believe that when we have a courageous personality within us, many doors will be opened to us and we will have infinite opportunities to make us very radiant in life and can even make us a valuable role model in the society to help other people to make a better life for themselves and improve the society as much as we can. I believe society values bravery people because they can improve the society also help other people to be more successful in their life with their style and effect on people. Overall, significant of courage is very valuable because it caused you to be able to do something difficult even when there is a risk. In fact, bravery requires courage because first you have to make the choice to be at the show, and then to get up and sing too to get the good result.

Courage means saving someone's life. People usually talk about a certain kind of courage, which is physical courage, meaning to face danger or save someone's life. For example, about a few years ago, when I was about 12 years old, I went on picnic in forest area with lake on a day off with my family and a few of my family friends with their kids. My family and I often went there for the sake of the beauty and security of the area. The day after we arrived, families were busy picking up and preparing lunch. The rest of the kids, along with my little sister and I went by the lake and were all playing with water and toys. After a few minutes my mother called us to come out for lunch and all of us went to our family. At that moment my mother reached out to my younger sister while I thought she had come out before us and gone to my family. It was at that moment that I returned to the lake with the most speed I could see some bubbles in the water. I can’t really say what a difficult moment it was for me because on the one hand I had to save my sister’s life while she was drowning. On the other hand, I never had any formal training in swimming until that time. I could only hear the screams of my mother and other kids, and at that moment I remembered my parents offering me swimming lessons many times, but I refused because of fear of learning to swim. I never knew I would see a moment the courage that was in me could win me over with my fear and while I didn’t swim very well, but I jumped in the water and with all of strength, I eventually pulled my sister up and saved her life. When I rescued my sister, everyone thanked me as a brave person, but it had another meaning for me that showed me that when courage triumphs over fear with all, it can be the biggest and best thing in life for anyone.

I saw another example about the courage in the book ‘The Best We Could Do’ which talked about the Bo’s family: “He described that when I was five years old my father fell in love with the pretty neighbor at the end of the street then when my mother asked him why do you always leave us? He shouted her and said stay out of my business! And then one night Bo watched as his father beat his mother badly, and threw her out. That was the last time Bo ever saw his mother, the family disbanded. Bo’s father and grandfather, each focused on his own survival went separate ways. Bo’s grandfather with his wife picked him up and went to Loin Dong to make amends with his wife” (Chapter 4). In fact, this example showed us in spite of the harsh conditions of that time, Bo’s grandparents accepted their grandchildren and moved to another city to at least provide a better life for them and maintain Bo’s life while his own family was torn apart. I believe, Bo’s grandparents at least try to give their grandchild chance to make better life for himself.

Courage means staying true on your decision even in the most difficult of circumstances. When I read this example in the book ‘Underground America’, which Liso said to herself: “Ok, these are my tests, I must go through them. These are my tribulations. I must face them” (pg. 38). This quote showed us that sometimes courage means stay on your decision like Liso stayed on her decision with any consequences and she tried her best with believe on her courage to help to her family. Also, she never gave up of her decisions because she believed that courage always moved her forward till, she’ll achieve to her goals. Although her choice was really hard, she preferred to stay on her decision. Even within some happen were out of her expectation in her life but she still accepted all of them, and told to herself that I have to face them with my whole courage that I have it till through them. I admire Liso because she never gave up and always tried to move forward with any consequences. In fact, I realized the only thing caused her to accept all of happens in her life was the courage that she had. Honestly, courage is important key to move our self forward, and it make everyone power to achieve to his goal.

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In my other example, you’ll see that how I stayed on my decision with hardship that I had to handle it to move myself forward, and all of them were possible for me because I promised to myself that I have to raise my courage till everything going better and easier for me. I always believe courage is the main key for humans to do better for them in their life at any situation that they see and have to deal with them like exactly what I did in my immigration to the America. I still remember when I came to America with a broken heart, empty pocket with no financially or emotionally support from my family it was too hard to stay for me by myself. When I started to work in target store, everything was going almost normal till one of my team leaders changed my position. They gave a new position that was cashier, I thought it seems like easier for me, but it was even harder than my last position because I had to talk with the people and it was almost impossible for me. After a while my manager told me you just have two choices which is included you have to talk with the people or you have to leave your job as a cashier. First, I just shocked and after a few minutes, but I realized that the only thing can rise up my confidence to talk with people is use of my courage to keep my job and improve it. Then I started to use of my courage, and talk with people and it did work very well for me. Honestly, I had no confidence even wasn’t able to talking to anyone around me that were native, but the only thing helped me was my courage that pushed me to start gain everything again even with more motivation to achieve my goals and make a better life for myself.

Courage causes us stop from give up of our goals, and help us to accept all of our failures. In the book ‘Underground America’ like Olga accepted her son become a girl. Although it was very difficult for him to accept, she considered it a failure and only Olga’s courage combined with it made it possible. As she mentioned, “It took me long time to accept things. I came from a family that is very reserved. They were always worried about what people might think, what people say” (pg. 105). After Vica death Olga learned that with her courage could accept some failures happens in her life and talk with other people to accept their kid with any situation even if they are like Vica her son that was a transgender but they still need to have love, support and accept from their parents. In fact, courage causes everything possible for all the people in their life and accepts any good or bad happens for them.

Another example in the book ‘The Best We Could Do’ mentions it. Thi said about her father: “To stop being scared of him, I grew up and went away. To understand how my father become the way he was” (pg. 91). In fact, she could increase her courage to remove her fears from her father instead of that try to understand him after a long time. Honestly, Thi’s courage gave her permit to talking with her father without any fears and understand him that why he had isolated behavior with Ma and his family then help him to accept him even he had many failures in any stage of his life. Eventually Thi’s courage caused her to be closer to her father than before she was in the past, because she could now more understand her father.

Courage is not the default of fear. Courageous people also do feel fear, but they can manage it and overcome their fear so that it does not stop them taking action to do their task to improve their life and society. They usually use the fear to convince that they are not overly-confident and that they take the proper their actions. Perhaps at this moment the question comes to your mind how brave people can manage their fears and act courageously? In my view point, they have learned themselves to manage their emotional rebound to fear, so that they manage it rather than it managing them. Here I want to point out that society values valiant people and every community because they can have a very significant impact on other people and can improve the country in all fields. Brave people are often brave and capable of leading other people, and they resolve problems that confront society. And, important thing is they also tend to be risk-takers. Definitely, we need heroes in any society, for a very simple reason, because they give us someone to model ourselves after what they did. However, a society without brave people is a society without hope for everyone’s life, and without somebody, nonfiction or fiction, to model our behavior style after, we will continue to behave as selfishly as we can with each other in our life and society so their existence in the society is essential to preserving values and helping people improve their lives. This example shows you how much brave people are needed in every society. The incredibly brave teachers, who gave their lives to protect the students of Sandy Hook. Like astronauts, every good teacher is a hero. It bears repeating that the tragedy of Sandy Hook Elementary should never be forgotten. On December 14, 2012, 26 people – 20 students and 6 adult staff members – were shot and killed at Sandy Hook in Newtown, CT. A 27-year-old teacher, Victoria Soto, sacrificed her life when she hid her students in a closet to protect them from crazed gunman Adam Lana. When Lana entered her classroom, she told him that the students were in the gym. The terrified kids started running from the closet and Lana began shooting. Soto threw herself in front of the children and was killed. The last moments of her life were spent protecting her young students by using her body as a shield against bullets from the deranged madman's gun. Principal Dawn Hoch sprung and school psychologist Mary Sherlach sprung into action, but were killed when trying to keep Lana from entering the building. Teacher Lauren Rousseau hid her students in the bathroom in her attempt to protect the children and also died while doing so. District Superintendent Janet Robinson noted these and other ‘incredible acts of heroism’ that 'ultimately saved so many lives'. As you can see, this brave teacher work to save the lives of many of her students shows you that the presence of brave people in community is a very needed and valuable thing in all societies.

In conclusion, sometimes, we just have to simply accept the facts which we gave them our very best and that it wasn’t enough, and in this moment, we definitely need to have courage to accept our self about the fact that we try our best. In general, bravery is not just about saving someone's life. Honestly, every difficult decision that all of us have to get with exist our fear and overcome it to get a great result as a leader for the society, boss for the company that can help to be still successful or with other position in our life needs to have courage and manage it in any situation that we have to face it. In another words, bravery can help the people to increase their confidence to handle their problems and solve them much easier than they think so this point is able to move them forward to be more successes in their life and make it better for themselves.

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