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What It Means to Be Courageous: Essay

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Courage is the mental state in different circumstances, and it showed by physical action. It means how we react to different situations. It is an identity that everyone wants. Courage is not the ability that a person builds in his/herself it is a function of our body. Moreover, courage is the thing that helps people to overcome their fears and achieve their goals. Everyone wants to become more courageous because brave people are always successful and achieve their goals. There are also movies, stories, and many books to motivate people to be courageous. Courage is not limited to physical power it is also about our decisions and taking risks financially. I also believe that we should become brave and do what we want instead of thinking.

We all have a lot of problems in our life like our studies, jobs, fear of losing someone beloved, and many more. These all problems are common, but the diverse thing is how we tackle these problems. Courage is not limited to just doing heroic acts if you are not physically strong you are not brave it is linked to all our daily actions and when we try something new. If I take my example as I migrate from India to Canada for my studies and it is totally new environment for me because in India I complete high school and at that time I live with my parents and also in my own house and almost all things manage my parents for me like my school fees, daily costs and many more. I was dependent on my parents at that time and I was in my comfort zone but migration from India to Canada was a courageous thing for me because I left my comfort zone and expand it and now I also manage my daily expenses and live independently. Leaving my home and parents was a daring thing for me because by doing this I make myself mentally strong and control my emotions. Furthermore, there are also many jobs in which a person really makes his/her self brave like army, fire-fighter and so on. In these jobs, a person should mentally and physically strong because they always work in difficult situations and save people's lives and do adventures things like underwater diving and also gutsy. If we think about persons with disabilities, then we think how difficult their lives are, but these persons are brave because they never think they are disabled instead of they make themself mentally strong and achieve their goals. In the Bollywood movie Rocky Handsome, the hero is trying to save a little girl who is his neighbor he also has a lot of problems in his own life but he overcome them and help her and always try to live happily and never show his problems to others.

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However, courage is not always about the physical features of bravery it is also about mental and emotional. Sometimes in life, we need to take decisions that are sometimes life-changing. Doubtless, they are difficult and risky. Mark Zuckerberg is the inventor of Facebook social media site on which he start working in his college days to complete this project he dropped college and completed the Facebook project probably this decision was difficult for him but that courageous action help him to change his life and make him famous in the world. There are many other examples of many famous people whose decisions make them famous and change their life. Stephen Hawking was a famous scientist but becoming a scientist was not easy for him because he was suffering from a serious disease that make his body disabled and push him toward death he refuses to live as a disabled person and he invent a machine with which he communicate with people and continue his career. This all happens by the courageous action of his life which totally changes his life if he accepts his disability and lives life without any goal then maybe he will not be famous and died as a poor disabled person, but his courageous action makes him famous. Moreover speaking for rights is also a courageous thing there is a lot of speaker who speak against the government and or any party from they want justice like in India when the English government tries to get control of India then freedom fighters like Bhagat Singh and many more against them and want them to leave their country and for this, they speak against the government which was a brave action on that time.

Finally, we can say that by doing courageous actions even if they are physical and mental we always take decisions beyond our comfort zone and enhance it. If we want to do something and achieve our goals, then we should believe in doing instead of thinking. We always do things outside our comfort zone and enhance them. If we think about the new job then it also is challenging for us because we need to find a new job and fit ourselves in a new environment, make new friends, and maybe the way of our work will also change.

In conclusion, courage is defined as the possibility of success in different situations it all depends on us how we tackle those problems and achieve our goals. Like all the above examples show clearly how doing courageous things change them. So, everyone should do something new even if the result is negative or positive does not matter but trying new things is always good and give us new experience.


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