When I Showed My Bravery

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Some people know how it feels like to be brave and others don't. Bravery speaks out in different ways, whether it is through speaking up or easily just doing something you never wanted to do. For me, I did something that I never thought I would do in my life and probably would never do again. My cousins came to visit from Chicago and they wanted to go to the Queen Mary with my sisters and I. My sisters were so down to do it but me, it took some bravery in me to go. I hate scary things with a passion and the fact that we were going to go on a haunted ship was something I didn't want to do. I did it anyways, for my cousins and the experience. Never would do it again.

When we first got there, I was scared for my life, we got a room and went to it. We explored the room, looked around it and it wasn't any normal room. The walls had hand prints on them, they also had quotes on the walls. All in all, the room was so sketch, I was hating every single second of it already wanting to go home. Can you imagine yourself sleeping on a haunted ship, yeah neither did I and there I was. My sisters and cousins were having a great time, how? I don't even know.

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The first hour went by and we decided to explore the ship and it was literally the scariest thing ever. There were mirrors in the hallways and it looked like there was another figure there, but there wasn't anything. It also felt like someone was following us the entire time we were walking around the boat. There were weird stains on the ground, there was even a hand print in one of the mirrors, once I seen that I wanted to leave right that second. Now that I think about, it could have been a human’s hand, but we will never know.

We went back to the room and just chilled in there, waiting to see if we would hear something. We didn't hear anything for a while, until suddenly we heard like footsteps near us, nobody in the room was walking. We started freaking out, then we started hearing like little noises in the corner of the room. The noises had stopped, but it was so random that it freaked us out. It was like 11:30 at night and my cousin decided she wanted to be a ghost hunter, which I didn't want to happen. She just started saying something along the lines of “If there is something here with us make yourself known”. Nothing happened for like 3 minutes until we heard a thud. I lost it, I seriously wanted to leave so bad so we did. We really thought someone was messing with us, but there was no one around. Still to this day, we don't know if it was all in our head, but it was actually the scariest thing ever.

All in all, there were some fun moments and I did enjoy the experience with my cousins because that is something I thought I wouldn't do. All it took was bravery for me to overcome a fear of mine, which I’m still scared of. Without being brave, I wouldn't have done this.

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