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Mitosis In The Roots Of Garlic

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Background Information

Mitosis is a process that takes place in the nucleus of a dividing cell, involves typically a series of steps consisting of prophase, metaphase, anaphase, and telophase, and results in the formation of two new nuclei each having the same number of chromosomes as the parent nucleus. Mitosis consists of four phases: prophase,metaphase,anaphase and telophase. To plant garlic the process of obtaining roots is required to have a solid foundation. Which is important and can be useful in knowing how to plant seeds with roots. During the stage of Prophase , which is the first and longest phase of mitosis. Which the chromosomes becomes visible as paired chromatins and the shedding of the nuclear envelope. As follows is Metaphase , the second process of cell division. What occurs is the spindle fibers and the chromosomes begin to attach to each other. The third phase of mitosis is Anaphase , when the chromosomes from the spindle fibers divide each other to opposite sides of the spindle fiber. Mitosis is very essential in everyday life and is used among a large amount of organisms.


The cell division of the root of the cell will be evident under a microscope, as the solution is used to present the cells . If the garlic is left in the water to create a great amount of roots . Then there will be more evidence on the processes of mitosis.

Personal Engagement

When I first saw the roots of garlic is with my mother, she often took cloves of garlic (in pieces) as a form of antibiotics. My grandmother has a past of planting and she has large mango trees, avocado trees, pineapples, strawberries, and even more. The process of creating roots was learned from the grandmother, on to my mom and currently to me. Always being amazed and questioned the reason for the roots and not grasping the thought of just putting the clove of garlic in the ground. I was shown how to create the roots by using toothpicks, water, and toothpicks. The puncturing of the garlic with four toothpicks and simply placing it in a clear jar of water. I saw the roots being to form the next day and wondered what created the roots and how it duplicated more cells for garlic to be planted. After the roots are formed they get long enough to reach the bottom of the glass container. After a while the water begins to evaporate and the continuous action of refilling the water so the roots don’t shrivel and die out.

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My observation occurred during different stages of my procedure , starting with the basics of creating the roots. The roots were as long due to the less days to form but they were a good length to start my experiment. After a while the water starts to form dirt and not clear transparent water anymore . As well as a drop of Toluidine was added to the root of the garlic , which changed the color from white to a deep blue color . While observing the roots were hard, some were really dark as if they contained dirt .


The purpose of this experiment was to answer the questions of Mitosis within the roots of garlic . Roots are important in plants and when implanting objects in the soil, roots link to the process of Mitosis, and the four stages , Prophase , Metaphase , Anaphase , and Telophase . With the use of tissues of roots being examined under a microscope to see the different stages of Mitosis.

There are different methods to research the experiment of Mitosis in garlic roots but I chose something that will be easily carried out at school. The coloration of the roots will be very helpful to further prove the cellular duplication. This experiment can help observe the cellular duplication of living organisms


During the process of my experiment I’ve learned a lot about the process of mitosis . Also learning how to make solutions and use different chemicals which will further help in the future with lab experiments. With the gaining the knowledge of mitosis will help while doing biological processes on organisms . As a weakness I should’ve gave the experiment more time to process , I felt as though the roots would’ve contained more data if they were longer . On the other hand I’m proud that I learned how to create slides for my experiment . Mitosis does affect the roots and is very good while using science . Data is very important, as a suggestion for the future or anyone who follows this experiment


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